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Submission + - Dell Insprion PCs Arrive With Touchscreen (

cgriffin21 writes: Dell released two new PC products from its Inspiron family, both aimed at capturing the living-room entertainment space in time for the holidays. The new touch-enabled Inspiron One all-in-one desktop features a full HD 23-inch WLED-backlit LCD display with built-in Wi-Fi, Webcam, DVD drive, and HDMI interface for connecting to television tuners, cable and satellite set-top boxes and videogame consoles. Dell is also introducing a new "Stage" touchscreen user interface on both machines, which offers quick access to music, photos, video and applications such as "Touch Instruments," "You Paint," and "Touch Cam."

Submission + - Google's New Data Center to be Sea-Water Cooled ( 1

itwbennett writes: Mike Elgan is blogging about a report in the magazine Computer Sweden that Google's new data center in Hamina Finland will be 'cooled with water from the bottom of the Baltic Sea.' The data center sits on the site of an old paper mill (a fact that Elgan notes the publishing industry is likely to find rife with symbolism), and 'the water will be brought to the surface using refurbished paper mill pumps.'

Submission + - Chips that flow with probabilities, not bits (

holy_calamity writes: "Boston company Lyric Semiconductor has taken the wraps off a microchip designed for statistical calculations that eschews digital logic. It's still made from silicon transistors. But they are arranged gates that compute with analogue signals representing probabilities, not binary bits. That makes it easier to implement calculations of probabilities, says the company, which has a chip for correcting errors in flash memory claimed to be 30 times smaller than a digital logic-based equivalent."

Submission + - Circuit City subpoenas CAG and DVDTalk (

Anonymous Coward writes: "This is more of just a request to look into the story. Basically, a poster on DVDTalk and CheapAssGamer has posted the weekly ads for Circuit City, Best Buy, and Target ahead of time for the last few years. A few weeks ago he confirmed that there was an intended price break on the PS3 and stole Sony's thunder from E3. A Circuit City ad was used for confirmation. Circuit City has threatened and to give them personal information about the poster. CheapAssGamer has hired a lawyer and is going to fight. The story is similar to the Black Friday ads being posted early and FatWallet fighting back."

Submission + - Windows XP SP3 and Vista SP1 released (

Vinit writes: "Microsoft has silently released Windows XP SP3 and Vista SP1 versions to a small group of testers. Tagged as 5.1.2600.3180 (xpsp.070718-2058) the 350MB XP Service Pack 3 includes fixes for over 900 reported problems, some of which have already been resolved with post-Service Pack 2 hotfixes. ws_xp_sp3_and_vista_sp1_released_to_small_group_of _testers.php"

Submission + - Vista prevents users from playing high-def content (

jbrodkin writes: "The restrictive content protection rules in Windows Vista still prevent users from playing high-definition content, more than half a year after the operating system's release, researcher Peter Gutmann said at USENIX this week. The specifications are intended to protect Hollywood copyrights, but even home movies can be blacked out by Vista because camcorders are increasingly becoming capable of shooting in HD. And that's not the only problem: Vista content protection requires so much extra encryption that system performance is being harmed significantly, Gutmann says. Since Vista lacks numerous security features that could protect users from online attacks, Gutmann wonders why Microsoft seems more intent on protecting the rights of Hollywood than the rights of its customers."

Submission + - Journalist detained for Segway-photo (

An anonymous reader writes: Dutch IT-Journalist Brenno de Winter was detained Tuesday (in Dutch)for taking a picture of Dutch Railway staff on a Segway. The transporters are generally outlawed in the Netherlands making the device quite rare. When asked to hand over his camera De Winter refused and Railway Police were called to the scene. When ordered to remove the picture the journalist agreed under protest, but was still detained. After cops confiscated the camera they removed the image and searched the other pictures. After promising 'serious consequences' if the photo would be made public somewhere. Despite the fact that Dutch Railways forbids photographs for journalistic purposes, a legal expert writes that European Human Rights prevail over civil rights. The Netherlands Association of Journalists has officially protested on behalf of De Winter and is demanding an apology, removal of the criminal record and compensation. They also have demanded that Dutch Railways adjust their rules to align it with the freedom of press.

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