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Submission + - Win8 Tablet Review: Almost Best Of Both Worlds (

jfruh writes: "Sandro Villinger has been using an iPad as his casual-use computer since it first came out, but he used a loaner Samsung Series 7 tablet running a preview version of Windows 8 — and he liked what he saw. While there were definitely quirks — the long wait for the context menu drove him nuts, and the full OS quickly ate up more disk space than anticipated — he also liked a lot about it. The Metro interface really was a joy, he said, and switching between Metro and the standard Windows desktop was ultimately useful in making the tablet a two-way product."

Submission + - Stephen Hawking To Guest Star on 'The Big Bang Theory' (

redletterdave writes: "World-famous British physicist Stephen Hawking, known for his best-selling book, "A Brief History of Time," will guest star on the CBS sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory," on an episode set to air on April 5. For the show's special episode, Stephen Hawking will visit Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) at Caltech 'to share his beautiful mind with his most ardent admirer,' according to CBS."

Submission + - Tesla Model S Sees the Light of Day (

oik writes: Tesla are now showing off their sedan models:

"Set to compete with BMW's profitable five series, the Tesla S is an attempt to build a luxury car with a sports car feel. With a compact electric motor, no transmission and a lithium-ion battery spread flat under the floor, the company claims the car has twice the storage room as the BMW five series, with substantial trunk space at both ends. It can also seat seven, if two optional rear-facing seats are installed in the back that can only be used by small children."

Could this be Tesla's first step to becoming an viable contender in the consumer market? If only I could think of a suitable car analogy for this...

Submission + - Would You Vote For a Programmer President?

Spy Handler writes: Herman Cain, one of the current front-runners in the race for the Presidency of the U.S., has a master's degree in Computer Science (and a bachelor's degree in Mathmatics). As a Slashdotter, would this fact affect your vote favorably toward him?

Contrast this with your typical politician, most of whom have a law degree and majored in something in liberal arts as an undergraduate. (Mr. Obama was a Political Science major and has a law degree)

Submission + - Amazon Kindle Fire officially for $199 (

tabletnr writes: According to earlier reports, the giant on the e-commerce market, officially unveiled the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. The device, which is going to attack the market that belongs to the iPad.

Submission + - In a Hybrid: Is 2 Electric Motors Better Than 1? ( 1

thecarchik writes: Among "full hybrids"--those powertrains that can move the car under solely electric power under limited circumstances--there's an emerging divide between two fundamental ways of organizing the components.

On one side are the makers--led by hybrid pioneer Toyota and its Prius--that use a pair of electric motor-generators. This setup is more complex and potentially more costly, but gives the hybrid system more flexibility.

On the other is a growing group of manufacturers who are newer to hybrid design, all of which have chosen to use only a single electric motor.

Each side will argue for the advantages of its own design, and each setup has advantages and disadvantages.

From talking to many auto engineers over the years, here's our roundup of each design, and its pros and cons.


Submission + - Apple Loses Court Battle In Europe ( 1

sfcrazy writes: Justice will prevail. The European Courts have once again reinstated the faith in justice. Apple today lost its monopolistic battle against Samsung and Android. The Dutch court has rejected all of Apple's design and patent claims but one. The remaining patent can be easily circumvented as it is related to how photos are shows.

Submission + - DOE Announces Philips as L Prize Winner (

JStyle writes: The DOE has officially announced a winner of the L Prize, awarding Philips with the 60 W Incandescent Bulb replacement. Philips' LED light bulb won using less than 10 W of electricity while claiming a life of greater than 25,000 hours. The light bulb is set to go on sale as early as spring of 2012. Pricing is yet unavailable.

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