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Submission + - The sixty-five dollar click ( 2

PessimisticLitigator writes: Adam Liptak wrote a great article, in the New York Times, on how competition in the legal field is driving the cost per click of Google ad to remarkable levels Phrases such as "Oakland personal injury lawyer," "Asbestos attorney," and "mesothelioma attorney Texas" are bringing in between $58 and $66 per click. Is this an example of commonsense left at the door, or is it a brilliant use of technology? It seems like the prior to me.

There is an interesting side note where the article calls Google a middle aged technology, and it cites the historically slow adaptation of technology by attorneys as evidence.



Submission + - Mercedes develops laser system to avoid pot holes

An anonymous reader writes: Mercedes is going to feature a laser system that can scan the road surface ahead then adjust the car's suspension accordingly. From various acceleration sensors the system's control unit gets information about the driving situation at any time and compares it with the data of the pressure sensors in the ABC hydraulics and the data of the level sensors on the control arms.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Exploding Toilets

Edis Krad writes: With the hype of exploding laptops, toilets were just the next thing waiting to ignite. A toilet at a hospital in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan, suddenly caught on fire. The incident wasn't a prankster related joke, but rather due to seat overheating. Luckily, no bottoms were harmed in this episode

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