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Submission + - Botnet worm that targets DSL modems and routers (

CoreDuo writes: The people that bring you the DroneBL DNS Blacklist services, after investigation of a recent DDoS incident, have disocvered a botnet that is comprised of exploited DSL modems and routers. What makes this impressive is the sophisticated nature of the bot, and the potential damage it can do not only to an knowing end user, but to small businesses using non-commercial internet connections and the unknowing public that take advantage of the more popular than ever free wifi services. The botnet is believed to have an estimated 100,000 effected hosts.

Submission + - Deep packet inspection "end of internet"? (

Houston 2600 writes: "ISPs want to avoid becoming a low-margin "bit pipe"--a dumb communications network that just enables companies like Google to make bazillions of dollars. And one good way to do that is to sell expensive services, using DPI to identity and categorize Internet traffic, then degrade or prioritize protocols and applications to fit the service profile."

Submission + - Giving your greytrapping a helping hand (

Peter N. M. Hansteen writes: "Some spam houses have invested in real mail servers now, meaning that they are able to get past greylisting and even content filtering. Recently Peter Hansteen found himself resorting to active greytrapping to put some spammers in their place. The article also contains a list of spam houses' snail mail addresses in case you want to tour their sites."

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