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Comment Re:Time's Person of Year is not a popularity conte (Score 1) 145

And while Trump's election was a big deal, he hasn't actually done anything (except win an election), and won't until late January 2017. This isn't the Nobel Peace Prize which you can win just because they think you're going to do big things.

For the last 20 years just winning the US Presidential election was enough to get it. There have only been 4 occassions since 1964 that the newly elected President wasn't given it, and on all of those occasions that person got it the year before or during that term... It is an American publication after all.

Comment Re:Was that on purpose? (Score 0) 145

Yes he did.

"At least Fox puts out something truthful once in a while" is clearly a statement contrasting Fox with RT and thus is claiming that RT never puts out something truthful and thus the claim must be false.

Just like we know McGregor must not have KOed Aldo last year since it must be not be truthful:

Comment Re:Time's "Person of the Year" is not chosen by po (Score 1) 145

You have strong opinions about something you apparently no next to nothing about.

Osama never got it. Bush got it twice. At least you managed to get Merkel right. 1 out of 3 ain't bad I guess...

And you really don't think Bush, Bush, Bush, Gingrich, Giuliani, Nixon, Nixon, and Reagan were Republican?

Comment Re:Regardless, the issue of voter ID remains. (Score 1) 1424

Because good old fashioned voter fraud that would be made more difficult by requiring ID is harder to do, more likely to be discovered, and requires people actually within the jurisdiction of US law enforcement to perform, and is very inefficient in terms of risk and effort required per vote.

Comment Re:Regardless, the issue of voter ID remains. (Score 2) 1424

How many people not old enough to buy a beer do you think would do so if ID wasn't required?

How many bank accounts to be used to illicit activities do you think would be opened if you didn't need ID to open one?

How many fraudulent votes do you think happen because you don't need ID?

Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 1) 1424

Anytime is fine to change it for future elections. Obviously what is being said is that you shouldn't change it for this election, given those were the rules being followed which will have greatly effected the popular vote in the first place.

Consitutional amendments are too uncommon after all, though it has been 45 years since the last successful one was submitted. It's not like this one hasn't been being tried over and over:

Comment Re:So now Clinton supporters can't handle the resu (Score 1) 1424

You'd be pretty dumb not to.

Someone has to have the worst winning margin in history. Someone has to have the third worst. Someone has to have the best.

Of course popular vote is irrelevant. The guy with the 4th best winning margin in history by that dumb metric is Nixon - who is always near the top of "best president ever" lists, right? But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist as a ranking to "know".

Comment Re:So now Clinton supporters can't handle the resu (Score 1) 1424

Not they hammered about how Trump wouldn't state that he would accept the results. You may notice that Hillary conceded and accepted the results.

What their supporters (and opponents in the case of Stein) do is irrelevant to the argument that was being made against the statements from a candidate. Well I guess is might support it by showing that people do dumb shit when they lose and the candidates shouldn't be fanning the flames ahead of time.

Comment Re:And the hits keep on coming ... (Score 1) 1066

Because he thinks his campaigning to reduce CO2 emissions will be successful?

Because he is rich enough to accept the short term benefit over the long term loss?

Because he thinks he'll get fishing rights over the soon to be ocean and make bank?

It seems strange to require explanations from a random politician before answering a simple yes/no question. Especially given said politician has a 0% chance of seeing you question.

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