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Comment Re:Strangest argument (Score 1) 113

You honestly can't see the difference between campaigning against a law and just breaking the law?

And yes usually government policy is supposed to be to the benefit of the people and so arguments that a policy is harmful to some group is perfectly reasonable.

You would prefer the government just to make up policies and laws and if the people don't like it, tough?

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 357

We have the fact that they dropped the trespassing charges, a good indication they knew they wouldn't stick.

We have the fact that the judge rejected the riot charge for lack of evidence.

I'm not sure what other facts you need to to determine that the prosecutor is just clutching at straws in order to harass a citizen.

Comment Re:Somebody involved please... (Score 1) 357

Strange that they would drop that charge then - since that would usually mean they don't think they can prove she committed said crime.

Given she must have already been found guilty by a court of law right? Or does a presumption of innocence only apply to people who agree with you?

Comment Re:Stop treating this like it were binary (Score 1) 332

You do have a few bad eggs, as with any profession. The untrained, the illsuited or the downright malicious. However, I'd suggest that these folks account for a small percentage of officers.

What data do you base that suggestion on?

Remembering that the very job of the police is to enforce laws and thus by definition every police officer who has turned a blind eye to another police officer breaking the law (say speeding or driving over the legal alcohol limit or using excessive force) is illsuited.

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