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Comment Re:Alcohol (Score 1) 640

> With a blood alcohol level of .21 you're not "drunk".

At 0.21 you are in the BAC range where the physiological effects are typically: confusion, dizziness, exaggerated emotions (anger, fear, grief) impaired visual perception, decreased pain sensation, impaired balance, staggering gait, slurred speech, moderate muscular incoordination. Which I think most people would classify as "drunk".

Comment Re:Arrest him and throw him into Gitmo (Score 1, Insightful) 626

Said scientist is not allowed to reveal the pass code to anyone. Scientist did reveal the pass code to someone. Thus scientist has shown themselves as incapable of handling sensitive documents.

He caved after being to US border control and handed over the information because they threatened to detain him for a while if he didn't. Do you think he might cave if some other country made much more serious threats while he was outside of the US?

A temper tantrum has nothing to do with anything.

Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 532

Australia has the ever so slight advantage of being an island in the middle of nowhere. Sure running cigarettes between the US and Canda/Mexico is easy. Running cigarettes between european countries is easy.

You need something other than a truck and someone willing to take the risk to do that into Australia though. They take their customs checks pretty seriously too since that island part means they have avoided quite a few pests and diseases that they'd prefer to keep out.

Comment Re:strange wording (Score 1) 834

H-1B visas are supposed to be for positions for which there aren't enough US workers to go around and thus foreign workers need to be brought over. They are clearly being abused to some extent, since I've personally met some people on H-1B visas who certainly aren't doing work that there are no US workers able to do - they mightn't be being abused en-masse I only have an anecdote or two obviously but people claim they are. People also claim that "bad guys" would immigrate within a week even though the immigration process takes months or years, so take that with as much salt as you please.

However, if that is truly what H-1B visas are for then the American market driven capitalist solution to allocating the limited number of them would be based on price. The current system is a literal lottery - they take the applications and pick at random which ones are granted - there is still the usual vetting of "are you a terrorist" and so on. Instead they could sort them by salary and grant the the 65,000 (or whatever the limit is changed to) ones with the highest salaries.

That would be using market forces to select which skills truly are in most need of foreign workers to fill gaps in the US worker pool. And makes perfect sense from a Republican free market point of view.

Billionaires/millionaires (well being a millionaire is not as high a hurdle these days) already have other far more beneficial visa options open to them - such as EB-5 (

Comment Re:Backups? (Score 1) 131

So you restore from the day before that instead of the most recent one.

The whole idea of backups is you can restore to some point in the past - with the size of that window and the granularity within it depending on how much you want to spend...

If you just have one copy then you don't have a backup, you have a really slow RAID.

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