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Comment Re:Obligatory Star Trek: TNG episode (Score 1) 250

Octopus, where their environment really puts them at a disadvantage, but the killer is no family/tribe so no passing on knowledge. Every Octopus is born alone and starts over from scratch. Humanity has been building on our ancestors knowledge since before we were human and the fact that we're story tellers sets us apart.

Right now, sure, but when I begin my octopodes breeding program, that will all change...

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 769

I don't think that Putin fears Clinton, but I think that Putin is somewhat enamored with Trump. Trump has already praised Putin's politics, and Putin is probably pretty bitter with Obama for the past eight years, and likely sees that bad relationship continuing under Clinton since she was his Secretary of State.

Comment Who cares if ET has visited us? (Score 1) 287

I don't give a flying fuck if ET has visited us, unless they want to help us figure our shit out. Short of that, they're welcome to visit, buy some trinkets, experience our culture, and find out how easy earth girls are. I'll just be trying to make sure the servers are working when they try to buy something online, and they're welcome to send me an email if it's not, and then I'll just submit a change ticket to fix the issue, and then they'll send another email after the fix has been implemented because now something else broke, and I'll have to submit another change ticket to fix that too, and then they'll get food poisoning at Chipotle's, and refuse to come back after all of that, and give 1 star reviews on Yelp for earth.

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