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Comment When running laps (Score 2) 295

We often say that immediately after starting to job on the track we are on first lap. Then we reach our second, then our third, and so on, updated each time we cross the starting point. But I hate this and would much rather start with zero. Does anyone else feel the same way? I liked to say to myself, "I've completed no laps," then "I've completed one lap," and so on, instead of "I'm on my first lap," and "I'm on my second lap." Better to count what one has already done instead of what one plans to do.

Comment Re:Does this mean no more trolling homeopathic cra (Score 1) 582

I thought of this too, but malapropism is only used when the effect is humorous. I used to think malapropism meant a humorous mis_pronunciation_, so I'd say malaprapism instead of malapropism. Little did I know that malapropism is a humorous misuse of a word. [/layered-self-referential-irony]

Comment Trying reading reviews for odd products (Score 2) 98

I remember a great evening with the family when we were reading reviews for laxatives and other products like it. It's just so funny for people to be open about their, er, regular habits. Some samples:

"I used to be constipated for several days at a time for over 20 years before I started taken Swiss Kriss herbal laxative. I gave this herbal laxative 5 stars, because it works every time I use it. I never cramp. It's just a smooth move everyone should try."

"I have ALWAYS had a problem with constipation. Even when I was a child I had problems. Now at 55, I have learned I'm allergic to all DAIRY products which has helped tremendously, but still have a problem with constipation. Swiss Kriss is the ONLY product that my doctor will let me take every day. I take FOUR tablets at bedtime and I do not have any problems. I recommend it highly! BUT, until you know how many you will need to take, I'd only start out taking ONE tablet and then adding to it, only if needed."

"I actually never heard of this product till I read a biography about Louis Armstrong recently. Amongst Louis' many quirks and talents, he was actually a very health-conscience guy. He was into various techniques to keep his weight down and in general, stay healthier. This product was something he liked so much, swore by in fact, that he'd offer little packets of it to friends and associates he'd meet (even offering some to the British Royal Family during his visit in the U.K.). He also did a few commercials for them. Sooo, how could I pass that up?! I tried it myself and Pops had it right. This stuff has been around for a looong time and still works like a charm."

"I went to my favorite restaurant and ordered one of everything on the left on the menu...I felt...a feeling, I sensed an urgency, like a clogged pipe was my colon after that meal I've always had 'butt' issues btw I drove slowly through the bad side of town looking for a drugstore, looking for a way out of my 'condition.' I managed to locate an all night drive thru pharmacy with the word 'relief' posted clearly in the window. I parked, got out of my vintage Studebaker and proceeded to bang on the window pleading for a product that would take my pain away. [...] These pills do work...they just work too good...YOUR LIFE WILL BE FOREVER ALTERED AFTER USING THIS...THIS...'product.' Why is it $5.49 a bottle? I wouldn't pay more than $5.38."

Comment Note taking was essential in graduate courses (Score 1) 313

Many of the math graduate courses I've taken had no followed textbook or even official course notes, and in those classes it was essential to take notes. I remember going back through my notes at the end of the day or the next day to rework them, and that helped a lot in understanding. I think the pace of the classes were fast enough, at least for some of them, or my knowledge at the time incomplete enough, that the pace of class was too fast. So I had to "preserve" it, perhaps without understanding all the details, and then review. Come to think of it, I think I've only had one to three courses that diligently followed a textbook. Math is a funny subject to learn, I suppose, as powerpoint I feel is very bad for it. Sometimes you can learn entirely new things just by taking with another person, and I think that is the coolest thing ever. No writing ever done! All the visualization is done in the brain. However, to really understand the material, you need to work it out, as your brain cannot keep all the necessary information in your head at once.

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