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Submission + - SPAM: Internet Marketing

ankur1234 writes: Wanting to be successful online is one thing, knowing how and what to avoid is another. If you want to succeed online, know these Internet Marketing Mistakes and never forget them. I guarantee you will be miles ahead of your competition.
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Submission + - Good semester-long advanced C++ project?

Hallmarc writes: In Spring 2010, I am set to teach a class on object-oriented design. The course aims to cover the juicy bits of the latter half of many good books on C++, such as polymorphism, multiple inheritance, virtual functions, the STL, etc. I also want to leave the students with a reasonable understanding of when and where to use the most common design patterns. I don't have a whole lot of time in which to develop the course. Would anyone have a good suggestion for a semester-long project that could be developed piecemeal to highlight the practical application of many of the previously mentioned aspects? I have briefly scanned the web as well as several intermediate/advanced books on C++ and/or design patterns, but I have not found a project that is properly scoped. Might I be asking for too much? If so, would people go for a book that tried to achieve this?

Submission + - Doom-like video surveillance in dev for ports (

oranghutan writes: A research and development group down under is working to develop an advanced video surveillance system for ports around the world that uses video superimposed onto a 3D map. With 16 megapixel high definition cameras on a distributed (cabled) network and a proprietary system written in a variety of languages (C++, Python, SQL, etc) the group from NICTA is aiming to allow security teams at the Port of Brisbane — which is 110km long — to monitor shipping movements, cargo and people. By scrolling along a 3D map the security teams can click on a location and then get a real time video feed superimposed onto the map. Authorities from around the world with the right permissions can then access the same system. The main difference from regular surveillance systems is the ability to switch views without having know camera numbers/locations and the one screen view.

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