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Comment Re:This also means... (Score 2) 566

They have a history of making inferior products, the iPods were never as good as the competition failing to support the same DRM that everybody else supported and not including a user replaceable battery for instance.

Total rubbish. I was an anti-iPod cheerleader for years. Must have Ogg Vorbis support, never will support DRM, etc. Chanted the same "freedom or die" nonsense that /. championed. Even bought the nomad, irivers, etc. I hated them all so I eventually caved and bought an iPod.

I then kicked myself for being an idiot all those years. The iPod was the superior product all along. My bias prevented me from seeing that. I didn't even realise you could play non-DRM music on the iPod. I was that ignorant of the product; in part because I listened to ignorant blogger comments instead of doing my own research.

The "Apple is inferior" and "Apple over charges for making it pretty" chants are getting old. Nobody believes it anymore. The MacBook, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad... they're competitive on price and superior in quality. People are buying Apple again and again because they like what they get.

The anti-Apple crowd is now full of religious nuts because they won't admit the blindingly obvious; Apple is making great products. And the constant barrage of "bah, it's just fanbois, idiots, hipsters, brainwashed sheeple" sounds more and more like sour grapes every day.

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