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Submission + - Duke Nukem comes back from the dead in 3D (

An anonymous reader writes: WIth a gestation period fourteen times that of the most laconically reproducing mammal (the African Elephant), it seems that the next Duke Nukem installment may finally be more than vaporware...

Submission + - Amazon Unable to get License for Linux Development 3

ritcereal writes: I recently asked Amazon's Kindle Feedback why they did not support Linux while supporting every other major Operating System. Here's the answer I got:
"At this time, the Linux OS is not supported for Kindle applications or Kindle content. The reason it is unavailable is because we haven't gotten the rights from Linux to do so, we have to work with them in order to get the program up and running, and so far they haven't allowed us to do so. We are always working hard to expand our reading options, and appreciate your feedback."
Apparently Amazon is incapable of obtaining the rights from Linux to make an application? I'm calling bullshit on this, what do you think?

Submission + - Microsoft Patents The Search Engine! (

tuanmai writes: "Microsoft has received a patent that covers a search engine platform that is based on a "bag-of-words" and "essential pages" ranking system to make searches more efficient."

Submission + - re-designing web pages by pressing one button (

colordev writes: This automatic web page face-lifting tool replaces your page's existing palette with nice alternative palettes & some unexpected visual elements. Here is a super-simple 'LIVE' page and here is a demo video showing what kind of instant designing are we talking about. The more simple your page and the server settings are, the better are the chances for successful performance.

as, there's no way Color Machine itself could survive and service a full scale slashdotting,... could you please avoid re-designing all your sites with it tonight, sorry & please.

Submission + - Saudi Arabia announces BlackBerry ban (

AHuxley writes: Saudi Arabia has ordered the country's cell phone service providers to halt all BlackBerry services this week.
The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) asked Saudi Telecom, Mobily, and Zain Saudi Arabia to suspend service to BlackBerry phones on Friday.
The problem seems to be the encryption & decryption and data moving through Research In Motion's servers.

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