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Comment Fastest cellular connection seen to date? (Score 1) 116

Downloads over the AT&T network averaged about 24Mbps and peaked at 42.85Mbps, the fastest cellular connection seen to date.

The first mention I found of an actual download speed for the LTE network in Stockholm (you know, the world's first publicly available LTE-service) beats that figure easily, peaking at 59.1 Mb/s. That is a measurement from over a year ago.

Comment Re:Give Tolkien a break (Score 1) 373

Killing a character off for emotional impact then simply saying, "well death is a reversible process in this universe" throws doubt on *everything* in the story.

You can do that twist to in a good way.

That is exactly what happens in the "Inigo's Dreams" substory in Peter F. Hamiltons Void Trilogy. All the main character's friends get killed only for the main character to find out he can reset time in his (alternate) universe. The way this works out for the better is that the rest of that story deals with the problems stemming from his new-found ability (trying not to corrupt the world around him or himself).

Comment Re:Persistent myth? (Score 1) 705

Sudo allows pretty fine-grained access to users based upon group or user name, so you can easily allocate permissions as required (well, relatively easily, anyway) -- much more fine-grained than Unix User/Group/Other permissions would allow. For example, with sudo you could allow senior admins (group: admin) and web developers (group: www-dev) read/write permissions to CGI script directories, junior admins (group: jadmin) read-only permissions and all other users (group: users) no access. Uh-oh...we've got four groups here: admins, jadmins, www-dev and users, so doing that with standard Unix permissions is going to be kind of difficult

That's what you have (POSIX) ACLs for.

Comment Re:Wrong motive (Score 1) 110

Also worth noting, the first case resulting from the IPRED law is, to my knowledge (I'm a Swede and all), still going. The ISP that the copyright holders have demanded personal information from is fighting it as hard as they can.

Even though there might be monetary incentives to the ISPs actions, that doesn't seem to be all of it. ISPs here really do seem to care about these things.

Comment Re:Great idea. (Score 2, Informative) 215

There is at least one Swedish company that does deny them, SF Bio (the largest movie theater chain in Sweden). However, in their case there is a good reason; to get the tickets you've bought online with your credit card you have to swipe the same card in their ticket printing machines. You could definitely come up with another way to get the tickets once they are bought, but as long as you have to have the credit card with which you paid to get the tickets, one-time cc numbers are probably out of the question.

Comment Best election campaign ever? (Score 5, Interesting) 224

"The Swedish Pirate Party did its best election campaign ever. We had more media, more articles, more debates, more handed-out flyers than ever"

How does he figure that? I (a Swede) haven't heard or seen anything from them since the election for the European parliament. I think it would be more correct to call it their worst election campaign ever.

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