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Comment Re:Windows is approaching usability (Score 4, Informative) 376

The post is a gentle joke. It's a parody / satire of the 2005 "Windows rapidly approaching desktop usability" article that Roblimo wrote in 2005, which was a parody / satire of all the "Linux approaching usability" articles that every tech reporter hack was writing about Linux and its apparent emergence as a legitimate desktop alternative at the time. Don't think too hard about it.

Comment Re:FP? (Score 2) 942

The ISO standard (31-0) is to use a narrow space to separate digit groupings, and then either a comma or a decimal as the delimiter of the fractional part. So Ten-thousand four hundred thirty three and ninety seven hundredths would be
10 433,97 or 10 433.97
but neither
10,433.97 nor 10.433,97

Comment I learned the scientific controversy in school (Score 1) 665

When I took basic biology in high school, they taught us Lamarkism and Spontaneous Generation as alternative theories. Then we went on to show that these formed testable hypotheses that were easily disproven. That is how you teach scientific controversy. With alternative scientific hypotheses.

Comment Re:beacon of freedom (Score 1) 266

With respect to 4, no the Federal Reserve is not "literally printing money", however the money deposited in the reserve accounts of the member banks is indeed new money. This can be fairly described euphemistically as "printing money." The important question is whether the increase in the money supply risks inflation. Currently, it doesn't look like it. And now we are starting to move into the "remove the punch bowl" phase of monetary policy with reductions in the buying program. As the Federal reserve eventually transitions from buying to selling its bond holdings, the money that the member banks pay the Fed to buy back the bonds disappears in a poof as money is removed from the money supply. It will be interesting to see if we can get the meme going, "The Fed burns $XM every month!"

Comment Re:Integrity Hotline (Score 1) 310

In general, if you absolutely know that you are in the right, don't report anonymously. If you report as yourself you have protection against retaliation. If you report anonymously, those protections go away because the ethics/integrity dept can't show that there is retaliation without knowing that it was you that reported the misconduct.

Comment Re:How did they hide prior patents? (Score 5, Informative) 137

Duty of disclosure means that if you are aware of relevant prior art when applying for a patent in the US, you are obligated to inform the USPTO about it. Nest is saying that Honeywell should have at least known about its own prior patents, and that not disclosing them violated the duty of disclosure. This is grounds for the patent being found invalid.

Comment Re:corporate responsibility (Score 1) 334

Does China have a free and liquid labor market? I know next to nothing about China's labor economics and politics, but I would strongly suspect that the labor market is quite illiquid (if that word has any meaning in this context). That is, do factories get to compete for workers with compensation and working condition market based incentives? Or does the Party inhibit the competition among factories so that it really is a Foxconn or nothing type proposition?

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