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Submission + - Dirty IT Jobs: Partners in Slime (

snydeq writes: "Carcasses, garter belts, anthrax — there is no end to nasty when it comes to working in IT, as the fourth installment of InfoWorld's Dirty IT Jobs series proves. From the systems sanitation engineer, to the human server rack, surviving in today's IT job market often means thriving in difficult conditions, including standing in two feet of water holding a plugged-in server or finding yourself in a sniper's crosshairs while attempting to install a communications link."

Submission + - Alan Johnson on Nutt Sacking ( 2

RadioElectric writes: The UK's Home Secretary Alan Johnson sacked the chief drugs adviser Professor David Nutt on Friday for failing to recognise that he is not allowed to criticise the government's drugs policy. This has had a huge impact over here with two other members of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) resigning in protest. This stands to have a dramatic impact on how scientific advisors to the government will operate in terms of their independence. Additionally, this has also resulted in the relationship between the scientific evidence and government policy being dragged out in front of the public, something that should prove quite interesting in the coming months.

The main link goes to the BBC coverage of the urgent question put to Alan Johnson by MPs today. As is usual for the BBC, you can see links to recent reports of the events surrounding this story on the right side of the linked page. This will likely be helpful to anybody looking for background information on this story.

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