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Comment Re:Satellite owner is full of shit. (Score 2) 239

They had insurance, two forms actually.

Transport insurance is relatively cheap, ~0.6% of the $200M.
Launch insurance is much more, about 6% of the cost.

Since this was pre-launch it is covered by the transport insurance and the transport insurance writer is having a very bad day.

What the Israeli company is really upset about is that their acquisition (aka massive payday for their execs) by a large Chinese company was contingent on a successful launch, and has now fallen through. This has caused their stock price to drop 40% and they are freaking out, blaming everything and everyone for their failure to manage the risk better.

Comment Re:Don't use Skype! (Score 1) 164

> Who does?

In this context is good. Actually scratch that they're awesome. Fully open source and zero install beyond already having Firefox or Chrome installed on any platform. Because there is no install there is no social network or geek barrier, everyone just visits a common url at the same time. link and time sent via text message or email beforehand which isn't quite the same as a phone ringing but a txt saying "hey get online" really isn't that bad.

Comment Re:Seawater or any salt water? (Score 2) 126

Oil and gas are pumped from sedimentary rock. Basalt is hard dense igneous rock. You don't squeeze oil from volcanic soil. The "fossil" part of fossil fuels is somewhat literal.

How much energy does it take to drill enough 800m drill holes through basalt to sequester a meaningful amount of CO2? How many drill holes would be needed?

Comment Re:Why linux fails to be adopted by the masses... (Score 1) 58

Wouldn't it be easier to send in a patch fixing the dumb default swap partition size or just click the "manual" button when it asks about setting up partitions if you know your system is a couple standard deviations away from the norm?

We already suffer from too many daemons running (monolithically controlled or not).

Comment Re: LOL (Score 1) 410

While I don't like saying the gift of life is a waste, you have absolutely no appreciation for how lucky you are that you can piss around and post shit like this all day, without living in fear that this is the last day you're alive.

"Set a man a fire, he'll be warm for the rest of the night. Set a man afire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life."

and this is why I love /. sigs.

OP AC troll: your subject line gives you away.

much informations in these metadata

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 249

Yeah, ditch it. Or roll back to the last version before the original author sold it to the wolves, you can find it on ApkMirror. Look for version You'll have to double check with another root file manager if that version is already sending back logs to China or not, ES hides the log file. You can unpack and repack the .apk installer to either change the name or resign the package, either one will stop the update manager from trying to install the new ruined version. You don't get SMB security patches that way though.

Amaze is Open Source and in the Play Store,

For that matter, to hell with this shareware crap, get as much as you can from FOSS apps cross-listed on F-Droid.

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