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Submission + - Point and click Gmail hacking at Black Hat (tgdaily.com)

not5150 writes: "Using Gmail or most other webmail programs over an unsecured access points just got a bit more dangerous. At Black Hat, Robert Graham, CEO of errata security, showed how to capture and clone session cookies. He even hijacked a shocked attendee's Gmail account in the middle of his Black Hat speech."

Submission + - Unhacking a G-Mail account?

TokyoShoe writes: "I have recently had my G-Mail account hacked, most probably for no reasons beyond my own stupidity. That being said, I am trying to find ways to get this account back from out of the Hacker's hands. They have changed the password for the account, and G-Mail will not bring up my security questions to force a password reset until after 5 days of inactivity. This means as long as the Hacker keeps using my account, I can never get it back! I have filled out Security Submission forms for Gmail Tech Support, documenting my account's details and a request to help me reclaim it. The G-Mail discussion forums are repleat with stories of folks with hacked G-Mail accounts and how they have been waiting months to no avail, never getting even an answer from the Gmail Support Team. Are there any other methods of getting my account back, or better yet getting in touch with Gmail Tech Support?"

Submission + - OpenOffice.org for Mac OS X Released! (openoffice.org)

An anonymous reader writes: Nearly 6 years after announcing a Mac port, OpenOffice.org has released the first release of OpenOffice.org for Mac OS X that can finally run without X11!! An alpha is available for download today, but a lot of help is still needed to make OpenOffice.org available for Mac OS X. Visit the Mac team to figure out how you can help today!

Submission + - Quantum Cryptography Hacked

mrbluze writes: Nature reports on a eavesdropping technique developed by researchers at MIT for intercepting quantum-encrypted messages:

To listen in, the team used a quantum-mechanical principle known as entanglement, which can link together two different traits of a particle. Using an optical setup, the team was able to entangle the transmitted photon's polarization with its momentum. The eavesdropper could then measure the momentum in order to get information about the polarization, without affecting the original polarization.
This stuff is beyond me, but I can't wait to read Slashdot's explanation!

Submission + - First vulnerability in Vista's Windows Mail

juct writes: "Would you expect that clicking on a link in an email executes a program on your local machine? You'd better — at least if you are using Windows Mail on Vista. The successor to Outlook Express links seamlessly with its predecessor's dubious reputation in matters of security. Under certain cirumstances a click on a link will execute programms without requiring any confirmation. As a hacker namend Kingcope found out, it takes only a link to an executable like "c:/windows/system32/winrm?" and a directory with the same name. heise Security has demonstrated the problem by creating a directory named calc. Although there is no direct attack vector, it makes you wonder what other Vista features are waiting to be discovered..."

Submission + - Sugar-fuelled battery to replace Lithium-ion?

An anonymous reader writes: Fuel cell technology that is currently in development boasts the ability of extracting energy from virtually any sugar source to power portable electronics like cellular phones, laptops, and sensors. The new technology is expected to be biodegradable, environmentally friendly and more energy efficient than current options, providing a green alternative to current Lithium-ion batteries. http://pcworld.idg.com.au/index.php/id;1458597410

Submission + - Best OSS Systems Mgmt App You Never Heard Of

FLOSSisnot4Teeth writes: "You probably are familiar with Nagios and Webmin as two of the most widely deployed open source systems management applications. However, this month's SourceForge.net Project of the Month is probably a newcomer to open source systems and network administrators. Zenoss Core is a systems monitoring platform, released under GPL and over the last year it's become one of the most popular SF.net projects. Unlike most of these new "commercially backed" open source projects, Zenoss Core is the only version, their corporate sponsor doesn't offer a "pro version". Also their developers have been committing code back to other projects like RRDTool and Twisted. I have been playing around with Zenoss for about six months and have been totally impressed. Would be curious to see what other Slashdot readers think."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Applying Art of War Principles to OSS Battle

mrbluze writes: "Openaddict has an interesting read on how to best fight the good fight against the Evil Empire, quoting Sun Tzu's famous work.

It's not enough that we're better (because we are) — we also have to out maneuver our opponent in the press and in the hearts/minds of the average user.

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