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Selective DNS Caching/Forwarding 61

MaestroRC asks: "I've been looking around online, and I have found several people wanting to do the same thing, but no one seems to have figured it out yet. What I am wanting to do (and before you go further, understand this is for work, i.e.: no innocent people will be harmed in the implementation) is to set up a name server that selectively forwards queries. For example, I would like to create a list of acceptable domains (less than 20) using wildcards such as *, that the name server will forward a query on to and reply to normally. For anything not in the list, I want it to reply NXDOMAIN or some such. I've looked at BIND, and there doesn't appear to be a way to do what I'm wanting; it can either have recursion on or off, and any specific zones of type forward still do not forward if it is off. The solution doesn't have to be pretty, and it can just be a simple DNS proxy, but I'm not adept at coding, so it needs to be installable by a regular sysadmin on Linux. Has anyone heard of something like this?"

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