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Comment DK64 (Score 1) 135

I feel like if we're going to talk about this, we need to mention Donkey Kong 64. That was an excellent game, and while the recent DKC games have been neat, seeing DK return to 3D platforming would be awesome. And while i'm wishing, a more classic-style paper mario.

Comment Re:Yea! Another thread for the luddites (Score 1) 120

This sounds like a reasonable and accurate summary. I'll add that I hope that we move to all 3D movies actually being filmed in 3D, as "converted" movies tend to give it a bad name. Also, I hope that console makers continue to make some effort to support 3D, as it can be great for some kinds of games... all else fails, nvidia doesn't seem to be giving up any time yet (so I just need to save up enough to build another decent gaming pc for the living room...)

Comment Games and one big annoyance. (Score 1) 1215

There are two major reasons that I do not always use linux 24/7. Games, which has been talked to death so I won't elaborate on. If I'm just playing one or two games that I know work well enough in wine then I will sometimes switch back to linux for a while, but it's nice to not have to worry about it.

The second is multi-gpu support. Right now, if you want an accelerated desktop that spans multiple gpus without having seperate X screens.. well, you can't. I've spent a LOT of time making sure that it's not possible. I have hopes for both wayland and/or randr sorting this, but for the time being it makes using Linux rather painful for me. I've also had issues with messed up xinerama hints when using two gpus with one in twinview (or any other way of having two monitors on one of the gpus with acceleration), such that things were annoying to use.

I love linux and having the options it brings me, but not being able to set up my system correctly is a frustrating roadblock that i'm often not interested in working with. Sure, I can have a semi-usable setup where I have to force apps onto the seperate x screen and can't maximize windows correctly, but it's kinda sucky.

Comment American ISPs (Score 1) 572

He must have one of the few reliable ISPs in america. Even though I have broadband, it's kinda shitty because options are limited (at&t, please roll out u-verse already, the people a fucking block over have it). It tends to be flaky, so I don't really like things depending on it not crapping out. And I live in a comparatively civilized area, so it only gets worse. They must not be paying attention to the state of internet in this country. Things just aren't good enough right now, same reason they're not going straight to digital distribution only just yet. Maybe in a decade, but right now this is a recipe for disaster.

Plus, I'm not sure wtf the point is in the end really. Piracy wasn't a serious problem this generation, outside of maybe on the Wii. Just securing things effectively should be more than enough to prevent piracy, and you just need check-ins to lock used games out. (Though even that probably alienates a large enough portion of consumers to matter). It just seems like they're shooting themselves in the foot.

Comment Re:GPU already years out of date (Score 1) 242

As someone who has 16gb of RAM in their pc, I'll say that games rarely use more than 1gb, and only see them use 2gb on very rare occasions. Some of this is likely due to things being held back by the current console generation, but I definitely think that it won't be the kind of limiting factor is has been for developers this generation. Sure, we'll hit it eventually, we always do, but to be honest I don't see it being a big deal.
As for gpu power.. I agree that it's a little skimpy, but it's because they have to save money somewhere, and to be honest I think that the "average" console player is starting to not care about graphics as much, as things get closer to the "good enough" range for most people. Not to mention that console games tend to run a bit closer to the metal, coupled with being specifically targeted/optimized for the platform generally gets a solid amount more performance compared to how similar hardware on a pc. Obviously PCs will still have better graphics at the mid-high end, but that's just how this always is :)

Comment Re:Violent is the key word here, not porn (Score 1) 684

I have to wonder if this would really do anything useful. If they just mean banning porn that's depicting actual violence against women (and I don't mean bdsm or something, I mean actual rape and sexual assault, not consenting staged acts), then that's perfectly reasonable. But if they're banning *depictions* of violent sexual acts, then it's probably pointless. It will do somewhere between nothing to spurring the people who are into that to find other "outlets." Potentially as far as committing actual sexual violence.

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