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Submission + - Senators petition to censor DUI checkpoint apps (

mysidia writes: Senators, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Frank Lautenberg and Tom Udall, sent etters on Tuesday requesting Apple, Google, and RIM remove or modify apps that notify users of police checkpoints. According to the senators, the apps are "harmful to public safety", because drunk drivers could use them to evade police detection.
BlackBerry maker RIM ceded to the request on Wednesday.


FCC Report Supports Use of White Spaces For Wireless 143

After the FCC's tests mentioned early last month, andy1307 submits word of the FCC's report (released Friday), writing that "the major telcos disagree with the FCC's report that concluded that using white spaces to provide free wireless internet 'would not cause major interference with other services. ... The FCC concluded that sufficient technical protections would prevent major problems.' FCC chairman Kevin Martin's proposal is to auction off the spectrum, with some rules attached. 'Some of the spectrum would be used for free Internet service, which would have content filters to block material considered inappropriate for children.'"

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