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Comment Re:Wow. (Score 4, Interesting) 164

No, he didn't. He had some credentials, both his own and some stolen. Nothing was "hacked".

It wasn't hacking. It was abuse of privileges. The crime would be possible attempts to falsify access logs (By rerouting through backup system and fraudulently using a co-worker's account) and expropriate proprietary company information.

Comment Re:Future of Yahoo Mail? (Score 1) 71

I wonder what the implications will be for Yahoo Mail once Verizon finishes acquiring Yahoo. Aside from accounts,

Well, in response to the security breach, I already registered my own domain name and started
migrating away from Gmail and Yahoo and using them only as a backup. I for one hope to be completely off of and long before Verizon closes on their acquisition.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 1) 255

You are absolutely right, it does fucking matter. It matters that this kid is now going to be raised by people who despise them

Their action against the clinic does not mean they personally despise the kid.
After they get their payout, they have the choice, if they want to stick with raising the other person's kid that they got,
and very much loving their kid as a cashcow.... COUGH. Or they might pursue their dream and go through the process
again (Probably with a different clinic), and then raise two kids, one theirs, and the other their adopted.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 2) 255

They were prepared to be parents and take the financial and emotional responsibility

Only for the kid being produced as a result of the procedure performed As the procedure was explained to them.
(Including all the conditions: Such as, the genes of the kid will come from the Mother and Father doing the procedure.)

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 2) 255

I will certainly say that in many ways it should not matter. It is their kid, just not their offspring.

NO. This is for THEM to decide based on their values. Presumably if the parents would be satisfied with a kid of
different genes, they COULD have just adopted without going through this procedure. If the parents think it matters, then it matters. And if they believe the child was not theirs then it's not theirs. In going through this procedure they likely had specific goals in mind.
The choice to sacrifice their original goal (If they want), would be the parent's choice.

The clinic should still pay the extra cost the parents would incur in the case where they act to completely correct this
situation and further their original goal to raise a child of the same genes as they have.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 1) 255

The clinic is responsible for child support, in the same way a guy would be responsible for child support if he impregnated a woman by accident

It is an even worse situation, if the kid has neither the man's genes nor the woman's genes.
If a man accidentally impregnates a woman, the woman will still have to pay a portion of the child support (Unless it were Rape),
but in this case, NEITHER parent is genetically related to the kid, so the Clinic's level of child support should be 100% of the costs
of supporting the kid. Or perhaps 100% minus some small percentage if it will be raised by the couple who the clinic failed, since the woman who carried the child through pregnancy will likely feel some bond and responsibility to the child, so the clinic should pay 90% of costs if they keep the kid, or 100% of the kid's support costs, if they will give the kid up for adoption. And the support costs including daycare, safety equipment, diapers, 3 square meals + 2 snacks a day for 21 years, ample clothing, medical and dental including insurance, medicines treatment for conditions, and 2 checkups a year, quality education, books, basic tools such as a calculator, a computer, high-speed internet, and a fair budget for the child's entertainment and other incidentals (at least $250/month), Plus the child's share of rent and use of property for at least 500 square feet..... In other words, the Clinic should pay about $13,000 US per year X 21 years = ~$273,000 US.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 1) 255

problem is they are not suing over the mistake made by the clinic, but that the child has the wrong genes.

That is a Red herring. The child has the wrong genes BECAUSE the clinic made a mistake, The child having the wrong genes is a RESULT of their medical malpractice, therefore, the clinic has committed damages in the amount of the costs of correcting the result to be what the parents' paid for. Not only did the parents Not get what they paid for, when the parents go to correct by going through the process again, the clinic will still have saddled them with the additional costs associated with the previous child that was created by the Clinic's mistake; the law does not allow the parents to return the Child to the clinic for a refund, therefore, the clinic must compensate to offset all additional expenses that will be created on the parents by the birth of the out-of-spec Child.

Comment Re:Lots of children have the wrong DNA. (Score 2) 255

Sometimes a woman will trick a man into raising another man's child. It is more common than you think.

I suggest routine DNA testing after birth to make sure the hospital didn't swap someone else's baby for yours.
Maybe another parent made an under-the-table deal with some random nurse to secretly swap the wristbands so they could get the kid they wanted.

Comment Re:My experience... (Score 5, Insightful) 438

You only need guys with basic skills to nail 2x4s together every 14".

"Framing a house" is a more static job than programming, because you can make plans, Your requirements for framing are Not likely to substantively change within a job or from one job to the next. Also, you can tell your guys with basic skills exactly what to do, And you can even make sure the nails and 2x4"s they are given to use are all the same and the exact right kind for the job, and rated appropriately.

Programming does not fit that model, because every programmer needs to make strategic decisions about what kind of code to apply to the parts of the problem they're assigned to complete. In programming, the distance between metaphorical 2x4"s is dependent on the fine business requirements and can change from one iteration to the next, Also, each nail is different, the worker needs a bag of 1000 different kind of nails and the general knowledge of which one is the correct one to use on each board based on its type and location, and not all the boards are 2x4"s, and the programmer needs to work out what kind of board is a safe and best fit where. The boards and nails need to be put in an appropriate place that cannot be planned in advance, the Right nail has to go to the right kind of board, otherwise there will be an obscure problem that may causes random unexpected failures of boards on the opposite side of the building, with no definitive quick/easy way of tracing exactly which nail was hammered in of the wrong type or inserted incorrectly, or to a board not at the correct precise spacing or angle.

Comment Re:My experience... (Score 2, Insightful) 438

It's absolutely disgusting to think anyone would agree to an arrangement like that.

Don't blame the workers for a shoddy system that doesn't protect them from being held hostage to agree to do something they don't want to do.

Until programmers organize into a National or International union, there's no co-ordination of people choosing to refuse..... the individuals that refuse are just shooting themselves in the foot. Often their personal finances are such that the Severence offer and a few weeks or months extra pay is an offer they cannot refuse --- As it allows them the ability to survive and the best chances of getting a new job (Easier to get hired while still employed).

Comment Re:Your headphones are spying on you. (Score 1) 230

So, do you want it normalised or stigmatised?

These are not mutually exclusive categories.
First of all, people who are LGBT are NOT normal. They're not the average person,
definitely outliers, statistically speaking. This does not imply there is a stigma.
After all, some of the Best people such as Einstein were extremely abnormal.... far from the Norm.

Some of the people in the LGBT category WANT you to know they are in that category, some of them want ONLY themselves
or specific people to know, they are entitled to their personal confidentiality. The example shows how advertisers can intrude and compromise their personal desires.

Comment Re:Stepping over a dollar to pick up a nickel (Score 1) 249

Seriously, if you can show a way to track even the most minor spending details in an economically productive way there is a Nobel prize in it for you.

It's called do business with vendors who will work with you, and bill you for products or services by sending you an XML invoice with the SKU and Qty for each item.

If you have an organization that is actually wasting time doing stapler budget reviews

If your organization buys 50000 staplers a year for 50000 secretaries, then it's worthwhile making sure you are spending $5 per stapler, and getting the one that lasts 10 years, instead of spending $100 per stapler, and getting the one that lasts 2 years.

Comment Re: Neat--until... (Score 1) 218

There's no legitimate disagreeing viewpoint; It is a fact that Kaby Lake is backwards compatible all the way back to Nehalem with no dropped instructions, and no instructions modified in a way that introduces compatibility issues; they Kaby Lake processors are not "Designed for Windows 10" as MS would imply, And in fact, the differences between the 7th generation and 6th generation CPUs that are still supported are so miniscule as to be dismissed as mere footnotes, or
  minor tweaks, which have no affect on application compatibility....

Comment Re:Neat--until... (Score 5, Informative) 218

Linux had similar problems with running on Skylake and newer processors on kernels earlier than around [....]

Windows 7 and 8 have been running FINE (or reasonably well) on these Newer processors for over a Year; these operating systems are BARELY serviced anymore at all, Only occasional Defect updates come out for the latest bug in Internet Explorer, Flash, etc.

Even though Windows 8 is still under its promised MAINSTREAM support period which includes New hardware enablement, they're getting cut off for new security patches too.

The security updates Are not CPU-related. They work fine except for the arbitrary forced update disablement. MS is going out of their way to maliciously attack people who run Windows 7 and Windows 8 on newer hardware, that probably means they downgraded their OS and are running Windows 7 and 8 just fine, Because the old OSes will run on new CPUs just fine, and power management differences are not all that significant (And can be disabled, anyways).

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