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Comment Re:Mis-use of college, if you ask me (Score 1) 258

So keep plugging your network cables or whatever you do from your 40th percentile income bracket, and leave the thinking to people who went to college.

Wow, no vitriol there.

Just know that engineer types like you are something of a joke in math/CS circles. Like a dusty farmer in overalls driving his tractor around feeling proud that he's doing something productive for society and disdaining the far-off castle-tower academics who just drain resources, while unknown to him the genetically modified seeds he's planting are increasing yields more than even inhuman hard work ever could.

Great. Can you tell me what "genetically modified seeds" you've given us (or the general state of the art) so I can thank you personally oh great one from the 90th percentile income bracket?

And to the OP, just know that not everyone of us who went to college and uses their brain instead of their back is an elitist child, that some of us appreciate the fact that just about everything is relative and arbitrary, and in the end, what we are ultimately measured by is rarely our IQ or our wallets.

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Submission + - Climate change perspectives changing? ( 1

myside writes: According to a write-up in the US Senate committee environment and public works blog, a re-vamped survey of published climate research papers reveals changing viewpoints over the past decade insofar as man-made climate change. 48% of papers examined refused to accept or reject the hypothesis that man is a cause of global warming. While 45% of the papers still explicitly or implicitly accept the hypothesis, the number of scientist who endorse the "consensus" view is dropping.

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