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Comment Never do anything on the actual computer (Score 2) 206

Do everything Internet-related in a guest VM.

I learned this from Joanna Rutkowska; you have at least 3 virtual machines.

One is 'green' and you only ever use it for very sensitive things like online banking.
One is 'yellow' and you only ever use it for semi-sensitive things like social media.
One is 'red' and you do this for random web browsing, searching etc. This one gets re-imaged or reverted to snapshot regularly.

If you like (and have the system resources for it) you can have multiple 'yellow' VMs for multiple social network sites or email accounts.

You can set these VMs up on separate networks with routers/firewalls between them. You can use egress filtering on the green VM so that literally the only sites it can possibly reach are your online banking sites.

You NEVER EVER read email in your green VM or on your host. You NEVER use a web browser in your host.

The basic red,yellow,green VM setup is very very easy to build, doesn't take a lot of skills. Modern PC's and laptops are quite capable of running these 3 VMs.

Comment Re:Given the reviews (Score 1) 461

A walking simulator on 18 million planets.

It's not surprising anyone wants their money back. It's also kind of hard to see how anyone "Stole" the content unless it was the same planet 18 million times.

I'm a bit out of the loop on this game. Is this not a 'fly around in space exploring the galaxy' game? All the screen shots I've seen have just been on the surfaces of planets.

Comment No (Score 1) 382

I can't remember the last time I used a CD or DVD. Never used Bluray.

Oh wait, no. I can remember the last time I tried to use a CD; it was the install media for some software that I'd purchased a few years ago. I couldn't install it, the CD had developed a defect. I'm not sure that counts as 'The last time I USED optical media' because I didn't actually get to USE it.

Comment Re:Just what America needs (Score 1) 242

"But at least this new automated-lawsuit system will keep a lot of lawyers employed."

Me, I would rathe see lawyers unemployed. We could use them as compost or for ginning cotton ("...Premium organic hand-ginned cotton...".

My ex-wife is a lawyer. You are significantly overestimating her utility as an unemployed lawyer.

Surely an unemployed lawyer actually brings value to society simply by not operating as a lawyer... ie the more lawyers there are the worse things are for society, so the fewer lawyers, the more unemployed lawyers, the better.

Therefore an unemployed lawyer is more productive in the larger context than an employed lawyer (working as a lawyer).

So what I'm getting at is that lawyers are actually more a burden on society than the unemployed.

Comment Re:Others To Sue (Score 2) 82

Ok, I misspoke.

What I meant is: If a judge decides that a company is up to illegal activities and tells the company to stop then anyone working with that company in spite of this is aiding those illegal activities.

Not quite. The company can get shut down, but only those involved in the actual illegal activity will be prosecuted.

Otherwise you'll have the janitor serving time for something they was completely unrelated to them.

As such, ALS would have to prove the CloudFlare was involved as a conspirator in the illegal activity. Otherwise, CloudFlare has done nothing wrong other than sell there own services.

So no, unless you can show that CloudFlare (or any company) for that matter was involved in the Copyright Infringement (or other illegal activity) then they are absolved of the supposed crime. For example, a bank holds a criminals money; is the bank then a legal conspirator (and therefore guilty) of murder for an Assassin? Or illegal drug possession or drug trafficking for a drug dealer? No. It's no different for CloudFlare and other companies; yes, they may help make websites and services more secure; but they're not participating in the crime itself in any form - no different from the bank.

You don't have to be convicted of an offence to have assets seized if you are 'supporting' an illegal endeavor; its called 'civil forfeiture'. Eg people who rent properties to drug dealers have been known to have had those properties seized without any conviction against them, just a conviction against the drug dealer and the presumption that the property owner 'should have' known about it and reported it to the police.

Hell, even driving around in the USA with some cash in your car can result in that cash being seized by the police because its 'obvious drug money'. They don't even have to prove anything.

Comment Re:Others To Sue (Score 1) 82

So do we sue the supermarket for selling him food?
Your argument would not likely sway a court.
We will see how ALS does.
The Law will allow you to go after people that help other people commit crimes.
Aiding and abetting?

The Internet does not shield you from the law. People have been trying to work around the law for 1000's of years.

Hitler was a vegetarian therefore vegetarianism is anti-semitic.

Comment Re:Enforced Weakness (Score 2) 148

Some of these "password requirements" actively force weaker passwords, in that they enforce a maximum length! I've seen some that force a 12 character maximum, making the xkcd 4 common word technique unusable, especially since they often stupidly require mixed case and a numeric and a special char.

My personal favorite was the bank that required my password to have exactly one number, at least one upper case character and exactly one special character. With a maximum length of 8 characters.

Comment Re:And when Trump says the same thing, it's an out (Score 1) 217

The AEC, Australian Electoral Commission, is held at arms length from the ruling party government. It requires an act of parliament to change any of the rules and given the make-up of the Australian government it would be very difficult for one party to pass rules that favour them over the other.

In addition there is a 3 person body which consists of either a current or retired federal judge, a statistician and the current head of the AEC. They are charged with the management of the process and oversight of the AEC to ensure accuracy of the election.

It's worth noting though that there is a huge difference in attitude between Australia and the US at election time. Australia doesn't have the rallies or the level of energy that the US has around an election. I just can't imagine people trying to block others from voting here.

Yeah sorry, you put all that work into your response but I wasn't thinking about how its done in Aussie, rather how it might be implemented in the USA.

I don't think there is a Republican party in Aus who might want to stop blacks and hispanics from voting

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