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Comment Re:Down with Putin - Down with Trump (Score 1) 255

Yes. Timing is the key to understanding it. Sanders would have defeated Trump easily. The timing of the releases were carefully placed so as to build suspicion with independants while not hurting her primary bid. Then once she clenched that, proof that it was a rigged primary sent a lot of independants away from the DNC to either Green, Libertarian, and even a number to Trump.

If they had released it all in the beginning, we would be swearing in Sanders tomorrow.

Right, because exposure of those emails was totally enough all by itself to overcome the cumulative effects of billions of dollars spent on her campaign plus the complete support of Americas very VERY substantial propaganda machine (Hollywood combined with the news media) and the support of ALL the living ex-presidents plus the suppression of all those videos etc showing Hillary going into spasms and convulsions when people asked her too many questions at the same time etc etc.

Yeah the exposure of those emails sure made all the difference...

Comment Re:Inaccurate article details... (Score 1) 293

CDC testing subsequently revealed the germ was New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase -- a highly resistant form of CRE

It should at least read "revealed the germ CONTAINED New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase". NDM-1 is not a bacteria, it's an enzyme possessed by resistant bacteria that inactivates antibiotics.

What's really fun is that this gene can potentially be transferred to other types of bacteria laterally...

I love the way bacteria, and other organisms can exchange genes laterally. It means evolution doesn't follow a nice straightforward tree structure; its a graph, with cycles, possibly not even directional (ie gene exchanges can go both ways). That makes things a lot more interesting.

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 1) 405

It's not people who refuse so much as who can't; and that doesn't mean automation will wipe all jobs away, either, regardless of what the doomsday predictors who fear the pneumatic air gun and wooden shipping pallet say.

Not sure about the air gun reference...

But shipping pallets were revolutionary. A box car loaded with goods the 'old fashioned way' in their individual boxes and crates took a team of people 3 days to unload. Shipping pallets took that down to under 8 hours.

I'd guess a whole load of people lost their jobs.

Comment Re:Why god created WASPS (Score 1) 159

Identifying a WASP is easy: a person who steps out of the shower so as to pee in the toilet.

Sometimes you have to go to the bathroom while you are in the shower. Curse those home designers who didn't put the toilet in the bathroom. I hate having to push it down the plug hole with my toe.

Comment Re:partner? maybe signees... (Score 1) 168

Lost sales or licensing fees are purely hypothetical if all someone does is sit on a patent for years.

Suppose you hold 2 patents for doing the same thing. One patent would result in more profit and a more expensive good/service, the other in less profit but a cheaper good/service.

You implement the more profitable patent.

Someone else 'steals' that 'intellectual property' for the less profitable patent, brings it to market selling that product or service for a lot less than you sell it for. Say through good marketing, they start to make a big profit out of this and your profits fall (because your good/service is now overpriced).

I guess thats a counterexample?

Comment Re:Don't buy a smart TV (Score 3, Interesting) 161

They have no purpose. Most people now simply use TVs as monitors for a set top box and if you need any more functionality simply plug your computer or tablet into a normal TV. Why anyone would pay a significant extra amount of cash for an oversized underpowered android tablet I have no idea.

Yet a 50+" monitor costs a LOT more than a 50" TV. Even more than a smart TV. A 55" monitor costs about $1400, at the low end. A 55" smart TV costs about $450 (going by Amazon).

Comment Re:Welcome (Score 2) 161

If you don't like the terms, don't buy the product. Let the free market sort things out.

Thats nice. I'll just buy out the water supply and include "Your first born become my slaves" in the terms of service. Let the free market sort things out, if they don't want to give me their first born they are welcome to die of thirst about 2 days later. That free market really works.

Comment Re:Keep it original... (Score 1) 304

Just look at how she teased Anakin, it seemed quite deliberate to me. She was leading him along the path to the dark side from the very beginning.

"Oh, Ani, we can't fall in love!" she says wearing a revealing dominatrix outfit next to a romantic roaring fireplace...

Three options:

1. Lucas intended her to tease Anakin.

2. Lucas knows women, and that some women are truly that clueless.

3. Lucas has absolutely no clue about women.

Gotta say my money's on 3.

1. Lucas intended her to tease Anakin because she was part of the scheme to turn him to the dark side.

Anakin came from a 'virgin birth'. Everyone LOL's. Sounds funny, right?

But then later on we learn that Darth Sidious' teacher, Darth Plagueis, had the ability to use the force to actually create life...

“Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith so powerful and so wise, he could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create life."

Anakin had the highest midi-chlorian count ever recorded.

So this Anakin who came from a 'virgin birth', does that really sound so implausible now? He was created by Plagueis; Anakin was effectively an artificial person, engineered by the force to be a super-Sith. Plagueis probably intended him to become his own apprentice and use him to rule the galaxy. Sidious learned of this plan, killed Plagueis and took over the operation.

Padme was a crucial part of this plan. She was from Naboo, where Sidious is also from. Given this and the way she treated Anakin and how well it played into Sidious' schemes it seems implausible that Sidious and Padme weren't working together.

Comment Re:Keep it original... (Score 3, Insightful) 304

The best mindfuck would be remaking Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith with Jar Jar Binks as a Sith Lord

Oh no, you had to say that? Now I'm doomed to keep hearing ...

Meesa no kill your father, Luke. Meesa is your father.

Actually I'm fairly certain that Padme was in on Darth Sidious' scheme the whole time and was his apprentice if not a Sith Lord in her own right. Just look at how she teased Anakin, it seemed quite deliberate to me. She was leading him along the path to the dark side from the very beginning.

Comment Re:Keep it original... (Score 1) 304

>> Unlikely. Lucas destroyed the originals when he made the Special Editions.

Whut? Why TF would he do that?

Because he is God of the Star Wars Universe

Isn't Disney now the God of the Star Wars Universe? I definitely got that impression from Force Awakens, which was a terribly standard Disney movie. I'd rather have Lucas owning Star Wars than Disney.

Comment Re:Fried Chicken, you schill (Score 2) 145

Food critics will pan KFC, but if it is exactly what you are aching for RIGHT now it will be hard to believe people wouldn't eat it everyday. It doesn't make the critics wrong, but rather that tastes vary.

And food reviewers these days seem to really love those tiny little plates with tiny little portions of very heavily dressed up, colorful and pretty-to-look-at, very carefully laid out 'food' on them. Give me home cooking any day.

Why do some people like food other people hate? MYSTERY!

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