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Comment Re:Boycott China! (Score 1) 279

Hi guys:

I hate being involved into political discussion. But as a Chinese I'm really upset and sad to see your up-rise of anti-China, in a so-called free open source community. I'm not Olympic fan, I'm not a member of CPC, and of course I'm not brain-washed by any governments as you might have naively thought.

Before coming to Canada, I thought in the same way as you are thinking about China right now. But you know what, now I'm totally changed by what happened recently, and by what I have found in West. So if I was brain-washed, I should have been brain-washed by West, not by my own country. Tell you one thing, the "GFW" also exists in Canada. When I was going to read news on a China website, my connection is reset immediately as I open the article by Canada network. You don't know it because you never found it out. Got what I mean? Then why you didn't find it out? Think about it !

I also hate the blocking thing on Internet access, of course including what GFW has been doing. But I don't want this leads to anti-China activities. It's true that there are tons of problems China government is facing and waiting to deal with (every country has their problems), but they're indeed improving it as they've been claiming, I know it because I've been there for 25 years. I don't like that doesn't mean I will protest the government (reasons in the followed paragraph). Yes for sure, I complain of it. But this has nothing to do with the "Tibet" issue as you are relating it to.

There WAS NO crack down on Tibet. If you anti-China only for this reason, I don't blame you. But I suggest you to investigate it more before you come to the conclusion. Find the truth by yourself. Most of those people who boycott Olympics due to Tibet violence don't even know where the Tibet is. Then how dare you criticize China of the things you have even no idea about it at all. You don't understand what Chinese people were going through. If you really want to know what's really happening there, go to China and find it out yourself, just like me, coming to West world to find the truth. Chinese people know that there are lots of complaints about the governments (no body denies that). But we know there is no better option right now (there is no perfect government in the world) for country's good. China has a large population to manage and is still under development. For a country, it has good reasons to leverage on many factors to make decisions considering economy, culture, internationalization, etc. Chinese people have the spirits to sacrifice the part of individual loss to push the country to develop, do you? That's because we have different cultures living in different world. Chinese are one family, as we are always claiming!

There are too many misunderstandings on freedom or human rights between China and West. Western people are always accusing China of human rights as your forever excuse, but never think about the issues in your country. If you can do this to China, does that mean we can protest US and claims to destroy the US country for their killings of thousands of innocent people in middle East. Can anybody say that they are free and have rights to kill people and initiate the Wars to any countries they don't like? If you insists on "free Tibet", does that mean we can also protest US and claims to free America, and we also can free Canada, drive all the immigrants back to their own country and return the soil to the native people.

Yes, there are some problems with human rights in China, I agree with you (every country does), if you are thinking in your western way. But from my point of view, human rights should be evaluated in the CONTEXT of this country. Don't ignore the China's situation if you really know about China well! You can not force every country to be the same as you, you are not POLICE on the earth! We know our country China very well, do you? In your country, what you see is really not "what you see"!! You are so luckily living in a rich country, so that you don't want to find the information by yourself, you only believe whatever your government faked up for you! There are much more lies for your governments. I bet you are too lazy to find the answer!

Chinese people are eager to learn West and to know the different cultures, only in this way, we can live in one World with multi-cultures. But it's very sad to see that you are not willing to learn, the only reason is that you are living in a very rich world, you don't care whether what you say and what you propose will hurt the other people ( Is this why you loves Wars? Is this why you support Dalai Lama's violence and killings in Tibet?), you don't care the feelings of Chinese people, just because you don't know and you're too lazy to know and easily judge it as whatever you think.

Can we calm down and think about it more before malicious attacking?

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