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Journal Journal: Sorry. I've been busy.

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Journal Journal: Walgreens is having a sale on nuts

A jar of unsalted dry-roasted peanuts for $1.99. I think she mis-rang me up the first time, and only charged me $1.99 for two of them. The whole cashews were on sale, but only as two for $7. She asked me if I still wanted them, because I guess a lot of people would think it was supposed to be cheaper, and that was the only reason they'd buy it.

Anyway, I went back and got some more nuts. This time I looked at the signs closer. There's a limit. A family can only have two jars or cans of nuts. There's different kinds of jars and cans, so I'm not sure if it applies to all kinds of jars and cans, or if the limit is two types of each kind of jar or can. I plan on going back and getting more, and maybe this time I'll ask for clarification.

I wonder if they have any plans on enforcing the "two per family" rule, sort of like how Apple limits you to so many iPads. I'm paying cash for the nuts, though. They'd have to remember me. I wonder if all the cashiers are on the lookout for people who come back and buy more than their allowed number of nut cans or jars. Maybe they'll review the security cameras and identify me as someone who has come back multiple times to buy more than two jars of unsalted, dry-roasted nuts.

These things aren't exactly flying off the shelves, though. I'm not sure why. It seems like a pretty good deal on nuts. Still, it looks like they're putting peanut and/or canola and/or cottonseed oil on them. I read that cottonseed oil is not good for you. It seems kind of a stupid thing to put on nuts, but I guess people just don't care. They'll buy it anyway. Kind of like how they bitch about airport hassles, but they give those businesses their money anyway. I could go buy nuts at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, or Mollie Stone's if I don't want cottonseed oil on my nuts. I probably shouldn't give my rats these nuts either, but they'll probably die of something else before the cottonseed oil negatively affects their health.

Anyway, the whole "limit two per family" thing got me thinking about the whole thing with "honesty" and how they tell you that you're a good person if you're honest. All it really means is that you're good for them. You help serve their own interests by denying your own interests. If you lie to serve your own interests at the expense of their interests, they consider you a "bad" person. But then "good" and "bad" only really refer to whose interests are you serving, yours or theirs? So maybe I'm a bad person for not complying with their "two per family" rule, but only according to them. As far as myself is concerned, I'm getting a good deal. If I had a family, I'd spend the extra cash I'm saving on nuts and stuff on toys or some shit. That would make me a good daddy.

If you're not lying, you're not trying.

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Journal Journal: At Taco Bell

There was a bunch of kids standing at the beginning of the guide rails that mark where the line for the registers is. The cashiers at the registers were free. They weren't doing anything. The guide rails mark off about 8 feet of floorspace where you're supposed to line up for your turn at the register. They weren't standing in line inside the guide rails. They were all standing outside of them. Nobody would assume they were standing in line. So I walked right through them, properly walking the full path inside the guide rails, instead of bypassing it and walking up to the register from the open side. I guess one of the kids was alarmed that I was "going in front of them" so he headed to the register via the open side. I was taking my time, so he got to the register first. So I leaned back against the rail, contemplating my menu choices, when this female kid passes me and said that she next, because she was behind the guy at the register. I told her that they were standing all the way at the back, and that no one would know any of them were actually standing in line. It wasn't like the cashier was busy taking orders. But it wasn't worth slitting her throat open right there and then. It's not like there was a lot at stake, like $200,000 buried in some grave in the middle of nowhere. No, this was not worth killing her and all her little high school fucker friends over. It was just one place in line at a practically empty Taco Bell. I did not refuse to let her go next. I was not going to kill her over this. But this other girl that had arrived after me said that she wouldn't have let her go ahead. So I guess I was being weak and unAmerican by letting her go ahead of me. The American thing to do would have been to hold my ground like Clint Eastwood in some western movie, and ask her if she felt lucky, or maybe ask her if she had a knife, like Travis Bickle asked Sport if he had a gun. Then perhaps the American thing to do would be to whip out my Benchmade Griptilian and sever one of her major arteries.

I told the girl behind me that this wasn't worth killing anybody over, and she laughed. But I was dead serious. If I shouldn't have let her go ahead of me, there's a good chance I would have had to kill her. Not that I'd have any problem doing it. Hell, I'd kill them all just for being annoying little fucks. The problem is that the socialized peace keepers would probably show up and prevent me from enjoying my chicken burrito and Fresco crunchy taco. That's really the only reason I didn't kill her.

So when she pronounced that she was ahead of me, my choice was to kill her or let her go. I guess if I wanted the respect of the girl that showed up after me, I'd have had to stand my ground and kill her. I guess that girl was a fuck up as well. I don't need some fuck up's respect. I just want them dead.

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Journal Journal: Ann Coulter's Official Chat Uses Socialized Software (phpBB) 4

So, I signed up for the message boards on You have to sign up in order to access the board. So I signed up.

Republicans are Homo sapiens too. In a health care thread, one Republican Homo sapien laments about his girlfriend having cancer, and being screwed over by the insurance company denying payments. There's no mention of HR 676. One suggested solution is to avoid having to rely on insurance companies by serving in the military. Now, I'm not sure exactly how that works, but I think that if you serve in the military, you get "socialized health care." But the consensus in that community is that "socialized medicine" will only make things worse. The insurance companies are the problem, but eliminating the insurance companies as per HR 676 is considered "socialized medicine," and is therefore bad.

HR 676 is still "insurance," in a way. Anyway, the article ( attributes the problem to a shortage of doctors and an aging population. "Critics say long working hours and a government policy change several years ago to keep the number of doctors down are to blame." But of course, it being an Ann Coulter forum, it is blamed on socialism.

I don't quite understand all of their really complex, intellectual reasoning, but I suppose that's because I'm just a democrat. If I had any brains, I'd be a republican.

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Journal Journal: A lot of people probably vote for her just cause she's a wom

I just woke up. Tue Jan 8 22:50:01 PST 2008. Apparently, the woman is winning the New Hampshire primary. The black man is a close second.

There's a woman at work who laughs like that. I hate her. She's so stupid. Respect is something you earn. If you have your job just because of who you fukk, and you have no other merits, then that isn't enough to deserve any respect.

I had a girlfriend from Alabama. I'm sure they've been using the "N" word a lot lately when discussing the upcoming presidential election. "O my lord, a (f word)ing (n word) for president?" Can't have that.

I can't say I'm surprised that Kucinich or Paul aren't doing better. Paul did a lot better than Kucinich. Maybe it's because of all that money people threw at the problem. Throwing money at things usually helps a little bit. Maybe if they only threw a lot more money at him. No, probably wouldn't have made too much of a difference.

But it's not over yet. I wonder if I can still order things from the official Kucinich store. It's kind of cold now. I could actually use one of those hooded sweatshirts. I already have a couple hooded sweatshirts, but I'd like onw of those. I have like 200 bumper stickers. Probably enough to put two on on every laptop I'll ever own.

Health care. Is it really a problem?

In America, we don't care about saving the lives of poor or unfortunate people. Our health care system is good at killing off those undesirables and increasing profits for the wealthy. so from a capitalistic, free market point of view, it's actually a very good system, perhaps the best in the world. It just depends on what you how you measure it. Caring for the poor, unfortunate, or lazy is not an American value. It's all about "personal responsibility" and "every man for themselves." Competition, not cooperation, is what we value. Cooperation and compassion is for the socialists. Measured against such socialist standards as "how well does the system take care of its people," of course America is not going to score well. Sick people are unworthy, so rich, powerful people might as well take all their money, and leave them to die. To think that we should actually help the less fortunate is to be a socialist, not a capitalist.

"Competition is what makes America great" is something that's said a lot. It could be considered "Social Darwinism," but that term has a negative connotation. It's the same, though. In order for us to "improve" as a population, the weaker members must be eliminated. If we all just take care of each other, then Darwinism does not take place. In order for us to move ahead, the less socially fit must die.

Think of those videos about the Republicans ignoring the wheelchair-bound man asking questions about medical marijuana, while the Democrats listen and exhibit compassion. It's the same thing. Republicans and conservatives feel that the system is really fine the way it is, and that the less fortunate are to be ignored and left to die. Democrats and liberals have entirely different values, and think the system needs change. When people use different standards of measurement, of course they're not going to agree. If you think the health care system needs change, your opinion is just as valid as that of someone who thinks it's fine the way it is. You're just using a different standard of measurement.

Some people would say that an unequal distribution of wealth is a bad thing, and that there should be more equality. At the same time, some people think it's just fine, and that people on the lower end of the distribution are just lazy, dumb, or otherwise unworthy, and in an ideal world, would just have their possessions taken away and get shoved into ovens. The question is, where does the average American stand?

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Journal Journal: Bitch, make me a sandwich.

Ann Coulter is back on the market. And here I was, making a strange post mentioning her, and how I thought she was sexy. Coincidence? What are the odds? This is no coincidence. This is a sign. We were meant to be together.

It doesn't matter, what someone thinks. Whether they are Christian, Republican, or vegetarian. What the fuck do I care? All that matters is that you do what I want you to. I don't care how fucked up your beliefs are, as long as you don't let it get in the way of your job. I'm nondiscriminatory. Egg salad, please. Make sure there's black pepper in it.

I'll be the yin, you be the yang. Or the other way. Whichever. It's meant to be. All these people who think you have to like the same things are misguided. It's yin-yang, not yang-yang or yin-yin. We're perfect for each other.

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Journal Journal: Aragon comes to Frodo's aid

Celebrity endorsements. I went back to again to look at them. Actors support Democrats. CEOs support Republicans.

I think it's because actors tend to have this thing about "putting one's self in anothers shoes". Empathy. Actors, it would seem, have that kind of thing. They're compassionate and understanding, able to consider different perspectives. Really complex, intellectual crap like that.

Which reminds me of

"liberals tend to think much more than conservatives before acting, whereas conservatives tend to be much more habitual and conforming to established traditions."

Which reminds me of introverts vs. extroverts. Thinking before acting, and thinking before speaking. There's a lot of pressure in Homo sapien culture to be quick with the tongue. It's annoying, really. People ask you a question, and they freak out if you don't say anything within five seconds. Fucking Homo sapiens. All they want is to make noise. Thinking = scary.

If women thought a little bit more, maybe they wouldn't all be fukking people like Scott Peterson. But no, they really like men that don't make them think. Women hate thinking. The most they want to think is to think how Cosmopolitan magazine articles make so much sense.

But this is a generalization. Not all Homo sapiens, female or male, are stupid. Just the ones I tend to encounter. The ones that always want to talk to me about stupid shit.

I was googling for "democrats republicans brains" and some of the top results were Anne Coulter's book. The scientific studies seem to directly contradict Anne Coulter's claim. But I don't care what she thinks. She's just a female Homo sapien, and they're all pretty much the same, regardless.

So there would appear to be some kind of correlation between introversion and Democraticness, and between extraversion and Republicaness.

There's a few extra large images of Anne on google. Like, for instance. She's kind of attractive. Wikipedia says she likes stories about serial killers. I'm not that big on them, although I do understand them, so we've kind of got that in common. Maybe she'd find me intriguing, since I'm able to understand the mind of serial killers so well. I wonder if she makes good egg salad.

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Journal Journal: Bree Walker's craptastic website

So I was watching the latest Kucinich weekly update, and there were a lot of different people in it. I've heard of Bree Walker before, at least the name sounds familiar. Or maybe I'm just imagining that I've heard it before, because "Bree" is pretty common, like Jessica Rose in lonelygirl15, and "Walker" is kind of like "Walker, Texas Ranger" and we all know how popular Chuck Norris is. I can't say I can name a movie that Bree Walker was in. I'll look it up now.

Well, I guess I don't know who she is. I could have sworn I did, though. Anyway, her website reminded me of Andy Williams. His "Most Wonderful Time of The Year" song was playing in the post office last week when I went in to mail something. It would be nice to go out there to see his show sometime, before he dies. There's only one Andy Williams, after all.

I'll be celebrating the New Year in Stormwind on Farstriders. I have various level 70 characters on different servers, but I've been playing on Farstriders lately. Haven't logged in as Astas in a while. Once you hit 70, there's nothing much to do. It's all about the journey, not the destination. I forget what time zone that's in. It's either 3 hours earlier, or 2, or something. I guess before 21:00 I should log in and check, so I'm there when the fireworks show. Or maybe there's nothing planned. I don't know. There were fireworks before. I think it was July 4th, so I'm just assuming that they'd do something for the New Year, but that's verry assumptuous of me.

Things will probably be closed tomorrow. I should maybe get out and maybe order 6 In-N-Out burgers so I have something to eat tomorrow.

I'd better get going, I guess. I guess it's not that craptastic. Just the splash page. I haven't really explored it very much. I'm being quick to judge. I'll check it out in more depth later.

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Journal Journal: Rare occurrence: remembering dream

December 25. Most Homo sapiens are mindlessly, dutifully celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, God in human form, who came down to Earth to live amongst us as a human. I'm not sure why. I'll have to look it up sometime. Was it specifically so that he could die and rise from the grave? Or was it to try and spread the word about how we should be nice? Whatever the case is, everybody is celebrating it, whether they believe the whole thing or not. Some of them, I don't think they ever give the real meaning any thought. All they think about is trees with shiny things stuck on them, presents in paper and ribbons, and some fat guy in a red suit who delivers presents based on good behavior. I don't know which is worse.

Whatever. It's besides the point. The point is, I remembered something that I dreamed. It had to do with me having a fresh-born baby in my hands. I don't know why I was the one in charge of this situation, but there it was, in my hands. It was in some sturdy plastic bag. There was no air in there, only some sort of clear, biological fluid. It was like some sort of vacuum-packed product you'd find in the butcher section of the grocery store. So anyway, there was a little area by the anus where the plastic bag had been heat sealed, and there was some excess plastic left over on the end of the seal. I was thinking, was I supposed to cut through the middle of the seal, or was I supposed to cut open the packaging just below the seal, which would expose the new baby to air? But then the baby, who was all prune-like, would dry up, because it was no longer protected by the fluid. Didn't it need the fluid to keep the skin moist?

But then I realized that this baby was supposed to breath air. But it hadn't been moving at all. All this time, it had just been like a pickled meat item, vacuum-packed in fluid and plastic. It showed no signs of life. I poked it. Jiggled it. Nothing. It didn't look alive. It was then that I contemplated finding someone else who might know what was supposed to be happening, but there was no one else around.

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Journal Journal: Example: "I'm too busy"

This is what I'm talking about: "And then, if there was somehow time, in that eight years... to do it or not to do it..."

You have to admit, though, that that was a nice way of telling him to fukk off, and that he didn't give a crap about the issue. This is how Homo sapiens are socialized to behave. If it were me answering that question, and in the same way, I'd just say "Fuk yoo. Marijuana evil. Fuk off and die. Next question."

But then people would say that I was a "bad" person, and they wouldn't vote fore me. All because I have the audacity to be honest and straightforward. People hate that shit. They love to be lied to. Huckee does a pretty good job of being a lying, socialized Homo sapien here, but I don't think he's that good. He's no Scott Peterson.

I've been reading bits and pieces of my Naomi Wolf book, while I'm sitting on the toilet. I haven't found the discipline or motivation to actually read it for real. Interesting bits, I've read.

The latest World of Warcraft patch made it easier to level from 20 to 60, but in order to advance cooking past 275, you need to be able to get fish, either by fishing or finding them in the auction house. I just found this out last night. I guess what I'll do today is obtain the fishing skill and fish for a while.

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Journal Journal: "I just want someone to do it for me."

Some guy at work initiated conversation with me while I was making tea at the coffee/tea station. One of the hazards of going outside my office. He had obtained an HP multifunction device, and was asking about how to get it to work, since he lost the accompanying software. So I tell him that he can go to, go to the support section, and look for a driver download. It's pretty simple, I tell him. But I figure I'll go one step further. I take him over to a nearby computer and proceed to walk him through the process. Go to, click on "software and driver downloads", enter the product name and model number, and select your operating system. Do you know which operating system you're using? No.

But this was all too complicated and technical for him. And besides, wouldn't we have to be doing this on his computer, instead of the one we were using? Well, yes. But I was just trying to show you what needs to be done, so that you could do it yourself. It's not that complicated. And then the plane hit. "I just want someone to do it for me."

He had already asked another person about this, and apparently they had offered to help. He had brought in his laptop and multifunction device. I guess he was really just making conversation, or something.

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Journal Journal: 1:02:16 into the final cut

The cut out frames during the fight between Leon and Deckard have always bothered me. I guess when they were filming it, Leon didn't knock the gun away fast enough, so they decided to cut out "just a couple of frames" to make it look better, as if Leon was really fast, with quick reflexes. It would have taken some work to fix all this with computer graphics, but I think we have the technology now. I'm disappointed that nothing was done.

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Journal Journal: I'm watching the older "The Director's Cut" version

Sometimes I turn the subtitles on, just to imagine what it'd be like to be watching the movie deaf. He says "I want more life, fucker." but it's subtitled as "I want more life, father." I was a bit surprised, when I saw that. I've always heard it as "fucker" not "father". I played it again. It looks like "fucker", not "father". I think a deaf person would be able to tell. The French subtitle says "salaud" which is more like "fucker" than "father" if I remember correctly from my high school class. The Spanish is "padre".

I've heard that the French are more accepting of sex-type stuff. So maybe it's one of those things, where all the repressed Christian moral crusader Americans thew a hissy-fit over the word "fucker" being in an R-rated movie where people are shot, and their skulls crushed, and eyes gouged out. So when they went to subtitle the movie, they changed it to "father" for the Americans who couldn't handle "fucker" but they left in the "salaud" for the French. The Spanish, I don't know much about.

And then for the latest edition, I hear they actually changed the audio from "fucker" to "father". I'll have to watch it later to see. But that sucks. Rutger Hauer would be turning over in his grave. If he was dead, that is. I bet he has something to say about this. So I guess I should enable comments, in case Rutger stops by. So, Rutger, what do you think about this fucker/father issue?

Maybe Ridley has something to say about it.

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Journal Journal: I didn't know Britney Spears had a 16 year old sister

"Jamie" is her name. Googled pictures. Google now has images in "extra large". Jamie sure wears some "grown up" clothing sometime. But I guess that's the age to do it, when your skin elasticity has not declined, and gravity has not yet taken its toll. I mean, look at her. She's not all that attractive. Oh, she's got the young, healthy look of a biologically fertile female Homo sapien, but in 10 years, you know she's going to have that second chin growing, and wrinkled baggy eyes, and from then on, it'll all be about "turning back the clock" with botox, face lifts, and skin treatments. So this whole negative stigma about her being pregnant at 16, it's all a bunch of socialized crap. Ha, ha, ha. I used "socialized" like a right-winger. But when I say "socialized", I mean something else. It's still meant to be a put down. Socialization is a disgusting process that Homo sapiens subject their younglings to, and then they become "socialized". You're all a bunch of socialized Homo sapiens, you and your socialized expectations and behaviors.

At least she won't have to worry about her kid having fucked up genes, like with Downs Syndrome or anything.

I'm almost over my cold. It actually feels good, getting over a cold. I mean, of course it does. But it's sort of like a reboot. Sometimes I think it's good just to do a restart. I'm not sure. It might be an invalid analogy, because my system hasn't really restarted. Or has it? Maybe the cold viros went through my body and killed off a bunch of other illegal aliens that had invaded and took residence. They weren't really causing any outright havoc, just quietly consuming resources. It certainly feels like I've got some sort of a fresh start. Or maybe it's just my imagination.

I went to the book store after work. I read some of my new love interest, Naomi Wolf's book. It's supposed to arrive tomorrow, but I couldn't wait. It isn't as exciting as watching her talk about the book on youtube. But I've watched enough videos too see that it isn't that she's so quick and witty. It's just that she says the same thing over and over again. It's like the presidential candidates. They just say the same things, over and over and over again. But that's the way it is, I guess. There's only so much you can say, before you're just repeating yourself. Sometimes I feel like that.

Shower time.

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