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Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 3, Insightful) 210

Do you wish to claim that without patents, those nice thing would not be made?

Perhaps it would take more time, effort and money to make those things, but that is debatable.

Patents are also why we can't have nice things that share some property with a patented thing.
Patents are also why those nice things are more expensive.

Comment Re: Compatible? Nyet! (Score 1) 124

Works only of you don't have any kind of automated provisioning; DNS doesn't propagate fast enough to compensate.
Also; SPF is limited to a set limit (10 if remember correctly) of entries which can either mess up your entire SPF when SPF is changed down the line or simply because you have too many IP ranges in your network.

Comment Re: Compatible? Nyet! (Score 1) 124

You can configure DMARC to ignore SPF, mitigating the problem with unpredictable IP's on some cloud providers and O365 (and most other bit email hosting providers) support DKIM just fine.
DMARC hasn't been picked up because most email recipients don't handle it at all, making it a low benefit for a relatively high risk of misconfiguring, confounded by the almost total lack of recipients actually sending RUA/RUF reports (only ever gotten them from Gmail) you need to configure DMARC confidently enough.

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