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Comment Car stereo (Score 1) 328

My car stereo only takes CD's, so yeah... still using optical media. I rarely ever use DVD's any more; only for archival grade DVD backups (and even those are becoming increasingly rare) and have never even bothered with BD. I own a BD player as an amplifier for my TV because the audio quality was better than a similarly priced home theater system or *spit* "soundbar", but have never tried an actual BD disc.

Comment Re:Would they believe (Score 2) 347

The assumption is that you are a terrorist.
Assuming you are a terrorist, why would you not use Twitter or Facebook?
Because they are US products, and terrorists hate the US!
Therefore you have now provided evidence to back up the assumption that you are a terrorist.
If you did use Twitter or Facebook, the question would be why a terrorist would do so?
The obvious reason would be that you were trying to create a fake cover story.
You'd only need a cover story if you were a terrorist, therefore you have once again proven to be a terrorist.

Seriously though; is the idea of asking for social media names really that much more insane than building a physical wall?

Comment Re:well... (Score 3, Insightful) 148

The problem is one of usability.

Imagine a good password checker, which can actually does do some proper calculation of entropy.

User types in password "Password1".
Checker reports "password not strong enough".
The user says "Welll... it contains 8 chars, a capital and a number, that's usually enough" and tries "Password_1".
Checker reports "password not strong enough".
"Uhm... what more do I need to do?" the user thinks, "It doesn't tell me what's missing" and tries "ThisIsMyPassword_1!"
Checker reports "password not strong enough".
User gives up and signs up for a competitor's service.

The problem isn't that improving password checkers is hard (it's not), the problem it's nearly impossible to giving the user feedback that actually helps them.

I made a password generator which tries to do some sort of entropy calculation: http://random.toyls.com/.
When I tried to implement the same calculation for a password checker on a website, I ran into exactly these kind of usability problems.
Explaining you need 8 characters, atleast 1 capital and 1 digit is easy. Explaining a more involved algorithm is not.

Comment Is data scraping illegal? (Score 4, Interesting) 112

I know scanning the data from a yellow pages breaks copyright law, but using an army of typists to copy the same data from the same source is perfectly fine.
How does scraping data from a website measure up, assuming all scraped data is available to visitors through normal means (i.e. not using security holes).
At what point does using data from a website become "scraping" and at what point does it violate copyrights?

Comment Re:Eggs and baskets (Score 1) 102

Obviously you're being satirical by pretending to be obnoxious, but let's just assume for the sake of argument that you were being serious.
It's clear that I never advocated such a thing as "100% inheritance tax" or anything even remotely close to that.
Nor did I even mention hand outs or welfare. Besides; that argument confuses the person providing the inheritance with the person receiving it.
I was merely stating that inheriting billions of dollars (i.e. "sitting on your ass collecting inheritance") might mess up their perception of value.

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