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Submission + - DivX Redux (

Maximum Prophet writes: "In the last year and a half, a broad alliance of high-tech companies and Hollywood studios has been trying to address this problem through an organization called the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, or DECE.
The group is setting out to create a common digital standard that would let consumers buy or rent a digital video once and then play it on any device."

That is, any newly purchased from them device. And the alliance doesn't include Apple, so eliminate the iPod, and iPhone.

Submission + - Apple Orders 10 Million Tablets? ( 1

Arvisp writes: According to a blog post by former Google China president Kai-Fu Lee, Apple plans to produce nearly 10 million tablets in the still-unannounced product's first year. If Lee's blog post is to be believed, Apple plans to sell nearly twice as many tablets as it did iPhones in the product's first year.

Submission + - SPAM: 'Avatar' soars into $1-billion territory

Suki I writes: From the LA Times: 'Avatar' soars into $1-billion territory
"Strong foreign ticket sales help make the science-fiction movie the fifth in history to pass the watermark."

"One of the riskiest movies of all times is now officially one of the most successful at the box office.

When "Avatar" opened, its solid but far from stellar results left 20th Century Fox uncertain about whether the $430 million that it and two financing partners had invested to produce and market the 3-D film would pay off."

Submission + - VMware Workstation vs. VirtualBox vs. Parallels (

snydeq writes: InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy takes an in-depth look at VMware Workstation 7, VirtualBox 3.1, and Parallels Desktop 4, three technologies at the heart of 'the biggest shake-up for desktop virtualization in years.' The shake-up, which sees Microsoft's once promising Virtual PC off in the Windows 7 XP Mode weeds, has put VirtualBox — among the best free open source software available for Windows — out front as a general-purpose VM, filling the void left by VMware's move to make Workstation more appealing to developers and admins. Meanwhile, Parallels finally offers a Desktop for Windows on par with its Mac product, as well as Workstation 4 Extreme, which delivers near native performance for graphics, disk, and network I/O. 'There's some genuine innovation going on, especially in the areas of hardware support and application compatibility,' Kennedy writes. 'All support 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux hosts and guests, and all have added compelling new VM management capabilities, ranging from automated snapshots to live VM migration.'

Submission + - Pandora Console at Mass Production (

Busshy writes: The Pandora Console was announced late last year. Sadly they hit one snag after another first with Banks playing up and then the usual manufacturing problems but now they are at Mass Production stage and the Worlds most powerful open source Linux based Handheld is at Mass Production Stage and its looking awesome. The build quality in the video is right up there with the likes of consoles from Nintendo and Sony. The Console thanks to the excellent homebrew community will have the usual fullspeed Snes, Nes, Genesis, 32X, GBA and PSX emulators but what makes it more special and the real eye opener is that Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast Emulation are for the first time available on an handheld, infact i was told today that F-Zero X, 1080 Snowboarding, Starfox 64, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64 are all at full speed and the Dreamcast Emulator will make jaws drop.The Console will ship shortly after Xmas

Comment Re:Simply put (Score 1) 528

Letting the number of workspaces dynamically expand and contract would probably lead me to frustration. Currently I have 2 desktops that are static (web browsing and music) and 2 that are dynamic (for any two projects I'm working on at the moment). Whenever I want to look something up or change my music I know which space they're in, kind of like muscle memory. To use the desktop metaphor, I have a spacial picture of where things should go (i.e. soda is always in the same place.) Adding additional workspaces is just enough work that it isn't easy enough to accidentally do, and not hard enough to be adverse to doing. Frankly, I'm never working on more than two things at one time though. However, what would probably be the best would be the ability to save workspaces and then load them up again, much like OmniWeb and Opera allow you to do with browsing sessions.

Comment Re:Makes me wonder... (Score 1) 246

Same here.

RefControl takes care of that nicely, though.

Set the referer for to forge “”. Then set these filters for AdBlock Plus:

It’s like magic!

Sample page to test your filters. You’ll be impressed (I was).

Comment Sonar... (Score 1) 201

The question was how to see through an invisibility cloak based on the current research... essentially, bending various wavelengths of light/RF/EM around itself in some way. The "perfect" cloak would be the one to bend all such forms around itself.

So I'd use sonar... I'mn not using any electromagetic energy, but physical waves, not included in the "perfection" of the cloak. And we already know how to build ultrasonic imagers, so it doesn't even take new technology.

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