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Microsoft Helps Police Crack Your Computer 558

IGnatius T Foobar writes "Microsoft has developed a small plug-in device that investigators can use to quickly extract forensic data from computers that "may have been used in crimes." It basically bypasses all of the Windows security (decrypting passwords, etc.) in order to eliminate all that pesky privacy when the police have physical access to your computer. Just one more reason not to run Windows on your computer."

Submission + - Copyright may be extended to clothing 1

Steeltalon writes: "According to CNN, there's legislation in the works that would extend Copyright protection to clothing lines.

From TFA: "To help protect independent designers against copycats, several members of Congress have proposed legislation — the Design Piracy Prohibition Act — that would extend copyright laws to clothing. Nine Senators have introduced a sister bill, which insiders on the Hill say should pass by late this year. If so, fashion firms would be able to register their designs with the U.S. Copyright Office for about $100 each. The law would protect the patterns for three years."

On the bright side, it's limited to 3 years. On the downside... If you think the RIAA is intrusive, wait until these guys conduct panty-raids to protect Victoria's Secret designs."

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