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Comment Re:Fuck McAfee (Score 1) 75

I've installed Vipre on a pc after doing a refresh, and it doesn't "automatically uninstall" software, what it does is index potentially conflicting software at the very start of the install process and gives you a prompt asking if you wish to continue with the install, ignoring the fact that the software is installed on your pc. Even when I had AVG, Avast, security essentials or anything else installed on another pc did I get it attempting to automatically uninstall the software it had concerns about.

Comment Re:Be an "IT pro" already. (Score 1) 479

I used to work for a Telco and our customers had tight timeframes on their service with rather significant penalties. One of their customers would see their connection go down once to twice a week for about twenty minutes at 8pm local time.

The cause was tracked down by a field tech attending site before the regular downtime and discovered the cause was the cleaner chocking the comms room door open so he could vacuum the floor. The only problem was that the power cable for the site router was directly in the way between the door and the cabinet and the door being wedged open twice a week against the cable eventually killed the cable via metal fatigue. The immediate fix was not chocking the door open hard like that. The long term fix was replacing the cable with one with a 90' connector that sent the cable straight down instead of out to be vulnerable to this.

Comment Re:Home USE !=Business Use (Score 1) 175

r.e. falling behind, yes that sucks.

My old employer fell so far behind on cisco call manager that the version they had were out of support and cisco would only touch their issues when billed at a T&M rate (i.e. it ran on windows). Their system was so big complex and unwieldy that it took the better part of 18 months planning to even update to a version of ccm that was even remotely current. I left shortly before that mess went live, that would have been a shitty teething period.

Comment Re:So much for stability and uptimes... (Score 1) 175

The magic words here are "accountability" and "Support contracts". Some people are willing to either do things with open source software and wing it with the potentially marginal support they get. Others do things in-house and have support agreements with their support teams, with virtual money flowing in between groups to provide the support. Others are happiest with support contracts so that they can lever the supporting groups to MAKE them find a solution if they have to.

I'm not saying "linux isn't for the big boys", there are versions of linux that are at the enterprise level (i.e. RHEL), but there are significant differences between those willing to fly by the seat of their pants, and those whom take these risks seriously.

Comment Re:So much for stability and uptimes... (Score 1) 175

This isn't just in business, most political decisions made don't consider looking past the next election, let alone looking into how it will impact ten let alone thirty years down the line. Smart decisions like that require someone to be brave, and brave doesn't win more votes than "shiny thing, here's money" that most political promises seem to have.

Comment Re:So much for stability and uptimes... (Score 1) 175

It makes the product sound like a steam "early release" rather than a production system and totally impractical for a live business environment. Some of this stuff is just too "seat of the pants" material.

I remember working in system admin and the product testing hoops that had to be jumped through by the testers was phenominal. They'd have products in test for three or more months before they'd even start raising notions of sending it out to get approval/review for sending to a live system. Hell I treat my mythtv system at home like a production environment as it isn't worth the wrath of my wife and two year old if it breaks and he cannot watch Peppa Pig.

Comment Re:my mother and my father (Score 1) 790

This just reminded me.

I've got a two and a half year old kid and he sounds so much more grown up now than he did when he first started trying to throw words together, he laughs differently now as well.

Record that shit. If you don't, one day you'll wake up and regret it. I ran across some recordings of our kid just yesterday that I'd forgotten I'd made, and he was babbling and trying to talk and laughing and I felt so happy that I had recorded it. I'm going to do it again shortly so that I've got him as he progresses.

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