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Submission + - Sweatshop Scannners at the Googleplex? (

Nick Ives writes: In September 2007, Andrew Norman Wilson was hired to do video production work at the Googleplex.

He noticed that the workers in the adjacent building 3.14159~, employed as ScanOps for the Google Books project, left everyday at precisely 2:15PM. They seemed to enjoy non of the privileges of other Googlers, such as the free shuttle rides or meals, and were kept strictly segregated from other Google workers.

This interested him and he decided to film them leaving work. You can see the HD video at Vimeo.

Filming this video resulted in a security incident and Andrew Wilson losing his job. Why would Google be so ashamed of how it treats ScanOps employees? What, if anything, are they trying to hide?


Germany To Grant Privacy At the Workplace 450

An anonymous reader writes "The German government is proposing a bill declaring that employees have an expectation of privacy at the workplace (translated article). Among other provisions, the bill would ban employers from surveilling their employees by cameras or logging and reading their emails. Also, potential employers would not be allowed to view an applicant's profile at Facebook or any other social network that hasn't actually been made for this purpose."

Gmail Video Chat Now Available On Linux 113

borfast writes "If you use Gmail on Linux, you may have wondered when you would be able to use the voice and video chat that Windows and Mac users have enjoyed for quite some time. The wait is finally over; Google yesterday announced video support for Linux browsers. Now if only Pidgin could provide solid video chat functionality in their client..." According to the brief announcement on the Google blog, "Voice and video chat for Linux supports Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux distributions, and RPM support will be coming soon."

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