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Comment Re:Only going to get worse (Score 1) 380

As we move to electric cars and other advances cars will be more like a 80mph laptop.

I had a 565 mph laptop last time I flew cross-country. It worked fine, didn't even jog the DVD in it. :)

Another computer should have been watching the system and saying...what the hell are we accelerating for anyways.

So they just need to install the backseat driver disk. (Get it? Driver disk? Backseat driver? That's comedy gold, people!)

Why the hell can cars run this fast anyways. Do we really need a car that will run over 90mph for more than a few seconds during a pass.

Are you American? You should have your citizenship revoked immediately. Hell, my state has freeways where the *average* speed is around 85. I'm guessing you live in a cramped, tiny east coast state?

Are we all so brainwashed by action movies we pretend we might need to run away from a maniac we probably couldn't outrun anyways.

We could if our cars could do 90 for more than a few seconds.

Comment Re:You're asking the right questions (Score 1) 87

It is ironic that we (the world's technologists - which is us, fellow Slashdaughters) are creating machines that will eventually be able to replace humans in the workplace at the same time that the world's population is entering the vertical section of a 'hockey stick' growth curve.

That's OK, our evil counterparts in the military-industrial complex are working on population-reduction measures as we speak.

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