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Comment Re:Read Only (Score 1) 120

EEPROM...Which these days is pretty much the same as the generic "flash memory"

Nope. EEPROM is byte (or word) reprogrammable, flash requires one to reprogram much larger blocks of data.

"ROM" - to the end user, past and present - is software you can't change.

So, you're arguing that a device image which the user can change is also software they can't change. Whatever.

it's the same item

The same, except that one is physical, and the other just an image which could be downloaded. That you have a COCO II speaks volumes.

Comment Re:Read Only (Score 1) 120

"It's flashable ROM."

No, it's flash memory.

"Typical ROM chips could only be written (or burn) once but still, a ROM chip has to be writable at some point ;-)"

No, ROM chips are manufactured with the data an intrinsic part of the silicon, the chip mask changes for different data. If it's writable once, it's a PROM, not a ROM.

"ROM" as a name for full system software loads is a poorly chosen misnomer.

Comment Re:Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Score 2) 307

The solution is to require all colleges and universities to rename themselves to one of a limited number of names. A partial list might include:
University of Chicago

...for after all, it's been shown that it's not the education which matters as much as the name on a diploma. As a bonus, it would reduce the amount of resources wasted on collegiate sports.

Comment Re:IoT is already here. (Score 4, Insightful) 138

"5G is viewed as a technology that can support the developing Internet of Things (IOT) market, which refers to millions -- or potentially billions -- of internet-connected devices that are expected soon to come on to the market."

Sounds more likely to be the Beginning of End of the Internet As We Know It than the "fourth industrial revolution."

Comment Expression. (Score 1) 282

Now adjust that study for intelligence and vocabulary. Profanity is the simplest form of emphasis, used by those lacking the vocabulary to express themselves with more meaningful and less crude words.

Especially "fuck," where George Carlin was right. If you have limited intelligence and vocabulary, it can be the universal adjective/verb/noun.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 539

H1-B is market interference the way it would be if there were tariffs for kitchen appliances, except for refrigerators. It's special case treatment, which skews the market.

The market interference is requiring a visa to work here in the first place.

If you want to argue for fully open borders, that's a different thing.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 539

"a policy that would effectively end H1-B and hence any immigration of tech workers is like *removing* market interference?"

It wouldn't do that at all. It would remove the special case treatment of tech workers. They would be able to immigrate on the same basis as anyone else.

If you want to argue for open borders, that's completely different.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 2) 539

"Whenever the government interferes with the free market's price discovery mechanism it is always a bad thing."

...which is an argument to eliminate the special treatment provided by the H-1B program. The mentioned change is a step toward that from the status quo. Are you opposed, or do you wish to eliminate all barriers to immigration so the H-1B program would be superflous?

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