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Comment Irration exuberance ie markets fatal flaw... (Score 1) 336

Yeah the bankers choosing the wrong algorithms to calculate risk on derivatives, a speculative real estate bubble, and no background check loans for houses had nothing to do with the crash right Curunir wolf? Note these actions were all chosen freely by market actors with no government coercion involved whatsoever. Even the Libertarians big hero Alan Greenspan admitted there was a "flaw," after the crash, look it up if you don't believe me. The problem with conservative Libertarians is you guys are all about responsibility until *you guys* fuck up, and then guess what, it's the "gubmints" fault. How about banksters and real estate agents looking in the mirror and manning up about a serious screw up? Too bad tax payers were left holding the bag on that one, I read for 1.4 trillion we could have paid off *all* Americans sub prime mortgages thus preventing Americans from being foreclosed *and* bailing out the banksters sketchy derivatives. Of course that makes too much sense because it benefits everyone as opposed to a chosen few rich people, right?

And note I actually cheer on Ron Paul and Libertarians when they challenge empire abroad, and police state at home and challenge why a private bank the Federal Reserve mints our money, that is all good stuff. Too bad your faith in the 100% rationality of market actors is so misplaced. Hint greed distorts peoples ability to choose rationally during bubbles which occur often, look up "irrational exuberance."

Comment Mixed markets more sustainable, stable (Score 1) 336

How many people have a choice though when it comes to say MS and their locked in proprietary formats that you may need for work or to communicate with other businesses? The so called "free market," is empirically actually quite a bit less free than idealist Libertarians state it is. Much like Communism pure Libertarianism looks good on paper, and in practice? Not so much...

And p.s. have fun driving on government paved roads, and eating your lunch which is poison free thanks to FDA inspections, and withdrawing money from your government propped up bank because free market capitalists were so Fing stupid about about "commercial paper," while you bitch about the terrible, horrible, government.

Anyone who is actually paying attention to the way the world actually works and who doesn't have an ideological axe to grind realizes a mixed economy that preserves competition, but that also has regulations like Glass Stegall, environmental regulations, and a basic social safety net is more stable, sustainable, and provides a better quality of life for it's citizens. Communism vs. laisez affair capitalism is a false dilemma for neither of those has been shown to work by history. A mix of small businesses, co-op, and regulated big businesses with unions and a social safety net OTOH seem to come through with both the innovation that the market drives and a decent sustainable standard of living for all.

Europe ring a bell?

Hopefully all you net.libertrains.greed.greed.greed learned something about the fallibility of markets in the last 24 month of market crash fail. You so called conservatives do care about stability and prudence don't you ala Edmunde Burke, don't you? Or is your dirty little secret that you call yourself "conservatives" but are really advocates of unstable constant churning change? Make sure to say hi to the kids in Bhopal and Shell's Nigeria the next time you genuflect before large corporations. K, thks, by

Comment Re:Thanks for telling the truth about Israel (Score 1) 303

That was done before there was international law covering the rules of war and was alas immoral and a done deal, but yes I think we ought to for example give Native Americans more reservation land and compensation for the land stolen from them. As for Texas screw the Spaniards who were *also* land thieves but yes it would be nice if we were moral enough to choose to compensate the native people displaced. As for Israel their *illegal* land theft took place in 1967 well after the rules of wars prohibited nations from annexing land to their territory. That makes this a *legal* case as opposed to the moral case in the case of U.S. land theft. This makes the surviving Israelis leadership both civilian and military from the 1967 war criminals who ought to be prosecuted and locked away, as should the current leadership that illegally annexes land through the separation (apherteid) wall and through settlement expansion. A pox on the state of Israel and all it stands for which it has gained through suffering and commission of crimes. All the American Jews who support this criminal state are also complicit in these crimes IMO. Same for Americans who actively support our own American war criminals BOTH Bush and Obama.

Comment Re:Thanks for telling the truth about Israel (Score 0, Troll) 303

Nice ad hominem attack, but actually everything I said is true, there is documentation in the form of letters that Irgun was ready to deal with the Nazis had the Nazis won, follow my link to mainstream lefty Counterpunch for more details, and the war crimes Israel committed against Gaza are well documented in the Goldstone report I linked to. Whether or not we should defund Israel is of course a subjective opinion and as such is not falsifiable but rather a subjective opinion you either accept, or don't accept. My *opinion* is that Israel has committed enough crimes against humanity that American citizens ought to stop funding their government with our tax dollars. I feel the same BTW about our own neo-con war criminals of both Republican and Democrat variety.

Thus in sum, I am the one here who has linked to sources Zionist apologist, and the one who also knows the ontological difference between verifiable facts (provided) and opinions (discussed) and you? Not so much... That was seem weak soup Hasbara, try again, this time with linked *facts* and feeling, m'k?

On the plus side at least you had the guts to respond as weak and undocumented as your response was, the cowardly Zionist tool who marked me down OTOH is cowardly.

Comment Thanks for telling the truth about Israel (Score -1, Troll) 303

Thanks for stating the actual fact of the matter about Israel's use of terrorism to steal the Palestinian's land, something that is almost never discussed in overtly pro Zionist public school history courses or our heavily biased mainstream media. Fortunately it's getting harder for Zionists to hide the truth now that we have the web to do research about the continuous history of human rights abuses from the state of Israel's origin in terror and collaboration with the Nazis:

(Don't be shocked Zionism is a racist ideology just like Nazi fascism, birds of a feather...) To Israel's war crimes continue to this day against the displaced people of Palestine as is documented in the Goldstone report:

The ongoing crimes against humanity by the government of Israel require two responses IMO:

1. That good hearted Jews who are appalled by Israel's ongoing crimes follow the good example of fellow Jews Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, and Norman Finkelstein and denounce Israel's crimes against humanity loudly and clearly and to call out fellow Jews when critics of Israel's crimes are falsely labeled "anti-Semetic."

2. That the U.S. government should cut off all aid to Israel until it complies *completely* with U.N. resolution 242 requiring Israel to return to it's recognized under international law border at the green line. Annexing territory after military victory as Israel has done and continues to do with expanding the settlements is a crime against humanity under international law. IMO our government ought not to fund war criminals whether it be our own unauthorized by Congress and thus unconstitutional foreign wars, or Israel's egregious crimes against humanity that are so cruel and destabilizing to the possibility world peace.

I wish I could say I was shocked by Israel keeping a database using facial recognition software of all it's citizens, but sadly I think Israel has descended nearly to the depths of the racist police police state that nearly unjustly destroyed the Jews as a people in the Holocaust. Nietzsche said if you stare in the depths of the abyss long enough you become that abyss something sadly the leadership of Israel has not learned. :(

Comment MS Windows for brainstems... (Score 1) 314

Microfsoft Windows for brainstems will never ever crash how could you think such a thing? OS X for brainstems will make you a better interior decorator. Linux for brainstems will come with 27 different incompatible brain managers, and will *always* download the correct libraries required to eat your dinner everytime, plus you will be able to hack your brain with open sores software, how cool is that?

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