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Submission + - The Condescending UI 1

theodp writes: Paul Miller has some advice for user interface designers: Don't be condescending. 'The Ribbon in Microsoft Office products,' complains Miller, 'is constantly talking down to me, assuming I don't know how to use a menu, a key command, or an honest-to-goodness toolbar.' Miller's got some harsh words for Apple, too: 'And of course, there is the transgression of the century: Apple's downward spiral into overt 1:1 metaphors. The physical bookshelf, the leather desk calendar (complete with a torn page), the false-paginated address book...these new tricks are horrible and offensive [and likened to Microsoft Bob]. They're not only condescending and overwrought, they're actually counter-functional.' So, how does Miller cope while waiting for his UI knight in shining armor? 'I recently switched my Windows 7 install over to the Classic Theme', Miller explains, 'which is basically Windows 95 incarnate, just with all the under-the-hood improvements I've come to rely on. I really like it. It feels right, and if it isn't beautiful, at least it's honest. I wish there was a similar OS 9 mode for OS X.'

Comment PCs won't die any time soon (Score 1) 1067

I guess this story was really about whether Steve Jobs is a controlling asshole or not (didn't we establish that in the other four hundred Apple stories this month?), but I'm more interested in the claims that the PC is dying. Personally, I don't see it. All these portable devices are very convenient, but the usability is horrible. Touchscreens are a joke if you're typing anything longer than a Twitter post (especially if you're a good typist), small screens are bad for viewing more than one document at once or even viewing lots of a single document (especially if you have poor eyesight), and audio quality is horrible unless you use good headphones (which keeps other people from hearing) or dock it with speakers (which removes the portability advantage). Maybe laptop-style docking bays would help with all this? Or maybe the pad computing thing is just a fad propped up by tech journalists who don't do any real work on computers outside of three-paragraph articles and Tweets.

Comment Re:It won't work (Score 1, Insightful) 1046

The reason there are people who are up in arms over the whole Climate Gate scandal is very simple to understand. Many of the scientists and the institutions that are involved in the research of Climate Change are also involved in the conversations surrounding "Social Justice", "Climate Justice", "Redistributive Change", and have hopped on the anti-American bandwagon during the Bush years instead of staying "very neutral".

The extreme left are hip deep in the environmental movement. This clip from the Copenhagen Summit paints a disturbing picture for those who are not on board with the Marxist Dream:!

If people are really interested in advancing the truth behind Climate Change, they had better divorce themselves from the people in the above clip and fast. Yet, I dont think that is going to happen because these people and the proponents of AGW are one and the same.

And let us not forget the blazen hypocrisy of the AGW leaders who fly in multiple 747's and drive around in stretched limo's during such conferences, and crack pot schemes such as "Cap and Trade" which reduces "carbon emissions" through impoverishment of western nations.

Comment Old... (Score 1) 175

I reviewed this guy and his lifestream idea back in 2004 ( and ultimately found myself pretty unimpressed. I mean, the core ideas are interesting but so patent-encumbered that it will be a decade before they are touchable, and the man himself holds some pretty irritating/intolerant views (cited a few in that post) that left a bad impression on the whole. Sad then, sad now.

Comment Re:Rightfully disallowed? (Score 3, Insightful) 95

I think a lot of those are scams too. I've twice been subscribed, without my consent, to junk like that, one a cell-phone dating thing (these doods), and one some ring-tones. I finally got Sprint to lock my account so no subscriptions can be added without me explicitly calling up Sprint to request they authorize it---which should be the default.

Submission + - What is Google Wave good for? (

daria42 writes: For everyone that is confused about Google Wave, you're not alone. "I'm sorry to be a killjoy, but I've been puttering around in Google Wave for the best part of a week now, and I have no idea in hell what I'm supposed to be using it for," writes long-time technology journalist Renai LeMay in Sydney. "All of the Google Wave collaborations I have started over the past week have gradually petered out as people realise they don't quite "get it". They return to their existing tools, which they like, and which work fine."

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