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Comment My dog would really like a pony, too. (Score 1) 251

My dog would really like a pony, too. Sometimes the world doesn't work the way we want for our own little special interests. The politicians all rant and rave about special interest groups. What's a more special interest than wanting to weaken security of everyone worldwide just so your job is a little easier?

Comment Re:My question... (Score 1) 281

Learn Bash. Then realize that Perl was based on Bash, Awk, C, sed, and BASIC-Plus with some nods to Icon/SNOBOL.

Then you'll understand that Bash's punctuation variables are Perl's punctuation variables. The regex syntax is largely borrowed then built upon.

Basically it's like you're decrying JavaScript or C++ for using curly brackets and semicolons after being built to look familiar to C programmers.

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