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Comment Re:Why is Windows 10 the benchmark? (Score 1) 200

Pi Zero is $5. Pi 3 at Micro Center is $30. Arduinos run from $4 to $40 and often need shields to do what a Pi 3 will do. They are in similar price ranges.

This thing is five times the price of a Pi 3. I can get a full-size motherboard, CPU, and RAM for $160. Hell, I can get an HP 2 GB Chromebox with a Celeron for $99.

Comment Re:Hey I thought all S7 phones were recalled? (Score 4, Insightful) 117

A mandatory recall means the seller must ask the buyer to return them. It's still up to the buyer to do so. It's not mandatory in the sense that jackbooted thugs come to your house, take your phone, and hand you a check from Samsung in the middle of the night.

Comment Re:DMCA counter-notice (Score 1) 241

Google's network is Google's property. Paramount can't just log into Google servers and take content down. Google's very specifically not playing police, too, because it makes no real decision. It has a policy about how quickly it takes things down and how quickly it needs a counter-noticed should one be needed. It just needs to comply with federal law so it's not found to be complicit when someone uses its services to violate the DMCA. That's what safe harbor is all about.

Comment DMCA counter-notice (Score 4, Informative) 241

I'm not a lawyer and this isn't legal advice. I used to work in the security and abuse department of a major hosting company. Let me shed just a little light on the DMCA for those of you who don't know. Consult a lawyer for more details or about any particular case.

The DMCA requires that the recipient of the notice at a safe harbor host notify the party responsible for making the content available on the host. Then that party has a certain amount of time to file a counter notice saying the takedown request is erroneous and why.

Faking the takedown is punishable. Faking the counter-notice is punishable. Either party may make some mistake in that process, though.

The party that has no say is the safe harbor host. If you get a takedown notice and get no counter-notice you must take down the content permanently to keep your safe harbor rights. Most hosts take things down proactively and will restore them after counter-notice has been filed. This absolves them of legal liability from either side under the DMCA.

Google's doing what I understand the law says they must. Paramount / Viacom may have made an error or may have some hatred toward Linux, Ubuntu, Canonical, Shuttleworth, the FSF, or what have you. Google's doing what they are obligated to do in order to keep themselves out of the middle of any litigation over it.

Comment Re: I call bull shit (Score 1) 102

Samsung is Korean. Nintendo is Japanese. Dell is USian. Sony is Japanese. HP is USian. Lenovo is Chinese.

When saying it's the best selling UK computer line they are comparing it to Sinclair, Psion, OpenPandora, and other UK companies that make and sell computers.

Comment A credit card-sized device in 2D, sure. (Score 1) 102

It's only credit-card sized in two dimensions. It's more like a full deck of playing cards in the world most of us inhabit away from the screen.

It's also terrible that they are celebrating their $30 to $35 SBC by selling something triple the price. A starter kit like that often goes for more like $70 near me including the Pi 3.

Comment Re:massive parallel processing=limited application (Score 1) 114

With a multiuser, multitasking OS you can have 25 different unrelated processes running on something with 25 cores. Or you could have 25 threads in a dataflow arrangement where each is a consumer of what the last just produced. Or you could go over the members of an array or matrix 25 members at a time with the same transformation. Some things are serial, but there are plenty of ways more cores can actually be used.

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