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Submission + - UNIX Functions Compared w/OpenSource Web Interface (

Loge writes: "The IT research firm Ideas International has released a detailed comparison of the functional capabilities in the leading UNIX operating systems, including AIX 6.1, HP-UX 11i v3, and Solaris 10. Unlike previous studies of UNIX functions that were published in the form of written reports, the results of this evaluation have been released with a new methodology called Collaborative Product Evaluation (CPE), which uses a transparent research process with a web-based interface that allows the community to participate in the evaluation. On the CPE web site, users can customize the comparison of the products based on their own requirements by adding weights to individual functions reflecting their importance. Also, if visitors want to, they can contribute their own ratings for specific functions when they agree or disagree with the "expert opinion" of IDEAS analysts. Submitted ratings are qualified with a distributed moderation process similar to the Slashdot system. You can try out the interface and see the results of the evaluation at"

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