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Submission + - VW Shows Off Self-Driving Auto Pilot for Cars (motorauthority.com)

thecarchik writes: The future of driving, in major cities at least, is looking more and more likely to be done by high-tech computers rather than actual people, at least if the latest breakthroughs in self self-driving vehicle technology mean anything. Internet search engine giant Google has logged some 140,000 miles with its self-driving Toyota Prius fleet and Audi has had similar success with its run of autonomous cars. Now Volkswagen has presented its Temporary Auto Pilot(TM) technology. Monitored by a driver, the technology can allow a car to drive semi-automatically at speeds of up to 80 mph on highways.
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - SPAM: Apple Releases Mac OS 10.6.8, Readies Mac App Stor 1

An anonymous reader writes: The release notes for the latest build of 10.6.8 will introduce changes to the Mac App Store that will ready the system for the arrival of Lion, which will be released sometimes in July via Mac App Store for $29.99.
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Submission + - Steam and Portal avail on Mac on May the 12th (steampowered.com)

sebvajda writes: The official press release is out, starting tomorrow May the 12th, 2010, the Steam platform will be available for download on Mac OS/X.
The fist game that will have native port will be Valve's Portal and Runic Games' Torchlight.
In addition, the native OS/X port of the Source engine is made available to licensees as well as the Steamworks development and publishing tools.

Submission + - 'Killing in the Name' UK No. 1 thanks to Facebook (bbc.co.uk) 2

Josh04 writes: Due to a 900,000+ Facebook campaign, 90's rap metal group Rage Against the Machine are this year's Christmas number 1, beating out Simon Cowell's X-Factor contestant Joe McElderry to the top spot, making 'Killing in the Name' the first ever UK download-only Christmas number 1. The popular 90's rock song had support from celebrities and the BBC, who got in trouble earlier in the week for allowing five 'fucks' to slip through the censor on a live performance.
Data Storage

Submission + - Why Cloud Storage Is Useless for Enterprises (enterprisestorageforum.com) 1

storagedude writes: The article makes the argument that high volumes of data and bandwidth limitations make external cloud storage all but useless for enterprises because it could take months to restore the data in a disaster. It also appears to be a consumer problem — the author spent three months replicating 1TB of home data via cable modem to an online backup service.

From the article:

"It seems like just about every day brings with it a new cloud storage product announcement from vendors big and small, but the reality is that beyond enterprise firewalls, cloud storage's potential is limited. There are two reasons for this: bandwidth limitations and the data integrity issues posed by the commodity drives that are typically used in cloud services. Together those two issues will limit what enterprise data storage users can do with external clouds.

The Internet

Submission + - Browser-sniffing websites force Opera 10 to spoof (opera.com) 1

Kelson writes: "As the first major web browser to reach a double-digit version, Opera has been testing out alpha releases of version 10 for months now. One of the early problems they encountered was bad browser detection scripts that only looked at the first digit of a version number, concluding that Opera 10 was actually Opera 1, and therefore too old to handle modern web pages. After extensive testing, they've concluded that the best way to work around this is to pretend to be Version 9.80. It'll be some time before Firefox or Safari runs into this issue, but with Internet Explorer 8 in wide release, you have to wonder what Microsoft will do when they get to IE 10."

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