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Comment Re:Not surprising.... Whooah There Cowboy! (Score 2, Informative) 801

there are two classes in the US: the ruling class, who won't be charged for clear violations because they might be able to get off, and the rest of us.

While I agree with you in principal, the rush to judgment about this issue leaves behind a simple fact. There are lots of crimes with no punishments. This is one of them.

The one thing that annoys me the most is how they will hang this on the evil Clinton/Democrats. A sufficiently senior Republican get the same benefits. But, that's not going to be the conversation. We're stuck pointing fingers and name calling.

Comment Microsoft Took Over a Looooong Time Ago (Score 1) 29

Apparently someone from Microsoft's PR firm posted this "story." Yahoo owns Tumblr.

Remember this?

Remember what happened next? New Board of Directors
Who, just so happened made decisions where Microsoft was the winner. So, they went from a "meh" search company busy doing other stuff to "blech" re-wrapped Microsoft tech.

I think they are left with some kind of content generation things that are making money. Maybe fantasy sports or something? Microsoft is still hungry for Yahoo for some bizarre reason. More great decision making at Microsoft.

Comment Nobody with any Power is Touching This (Score 1) 470

You guys with the Clinton hate, or Democratic evilness, or whatever aren't facing facts. A former first lady who plays the game as good as the rest is never getting touched. Not even Petraus 2.0.

If that's not enough, then you guys get your panties in a twist about open ports and OMG THE RUSSIANS ATTACKED AN OPEN PORT!!!! Do any of you operate a server without checking logs?

Seriously. The people that matter respect her. Nothing is going to happen. Move on.

Comment Re:systemd is a UNIX Philosophy Violation (Score 2) 146

What people don't realize is how systemd is a big battlefield. This is a program that wasn't placed into userspace as close to the kernel as possible just because it was better than init, sysv, GRUB, and the many utilities that it replaces... but was dropped into place for pure political reasons.

Yeah, I really don't know if that's right or wrong or what. I know I don't like it either. For me, multiple features of the UNIX design ideas that has made Linux successful are being openly violated, practically with contempt. Per the wikipedia page on the UNIX philosophy: the power of a system comes more from the relationships among programs than from the programs themselves.

Systemd directly harms the server admins like me. I don't understand the urgent need to have the init system minding other daemon's business. It's not that there's no precedence for it, but, init doesn't need to check time, be involved in my bluetooth stack, xorg stack, etc. other than starting it, polling it, and stopping it.

Comment What's the Definition of "Success" (Score 2) 146

I should have closed the tab when it opened on an infoworld story.

Services to support Free software has proven to be a viable business model. IMO, that's a huge win. But, VCs aren't going to get too many IPOs out of that and infoworld probably has some newer advertisers thanks to Free software, but nothing like a Google or Microsoft.

The only threats on the horizon are continued support of increasingly draconian intellectual property laws. They impact everything, not just for software. Two examples: economic growth is constrained and the expansionn of basic human knowledge is restricted. It's returning to a feudal society structure. THAT, in my opinion, is the actual threat.

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