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Comment Re:The war on roads (Score -1) 285

Some people think that this is part of a coordinated effort by governments, worldwide, to increase their own power by coralling the bulk of their populations in high-density urban areas, limiting their access to transportation, and making them totally dependent on government controlled services.

So you want me, as a taxpayer, to pay for your roads in the middle of the country and luxuriously away from other humans, so you don't have to be dependent on government?

Is there anything else you would like me to pay for you so you don't have to be dependent on me?

Comment Re:Two questions need to be asked (Score 2, Troll) 546

Of course it wasn't worth it, because your privacy is far less important than your security.

When your privacy is violated, you only worry about bad things that "might" happen.

When your security is violated, those bad things actually DO happen.

This is why, in the real world, people care so little about privacy rights. It's only a theoretical problem, only for young libertarian idealists to worry about: "What if government does this or that?!" But grownups already have society modeled out, and are able to calculate through the end scenario of what actually does happen: "That bad thing you're worried about is possible because we have these other systematic checks." Of course, inexperienced people do not understand systems-level perspective, and have limited insight beyond what they see.

Like, right now, you actually think your privacy rights is more important than your competitive economic advantages you may have over Russian or China (economics is the REAL issue behind the Snowden leaks...)

We adults make fun of this sort of thing.

Comment Re:Top Publishers To Post News Stories Directly To (Score -1) 50

OH MY GOD you're RIGHT! Clearly the tracking is going to result in assassins hunting you down at night, instead of being used to change ads from a random demographic profile to one that tunes in to your demographic interests.

Tracking is clearly going to result in your MURDER!!

Comment Re:Why? I mean you could build a roller coaster (Score -1) 51

Because Facebook needs to produce content that's advertiser friendly, and professionals are much better at producing content than amateurs.

Social media is a terrible base for advertisers. Advertisers want to advertise with things that help their brand.

The basics of branding is this: Why would a fashion brand like Gucci place an ad next to a photo of your college friend throwing up, when they can place their ad next to a stunning photo of Kate Moss. If you understand this, then you understand how branding works, which comprises the top end of the advertising industry.

Facebook has slowly been trying to get rid of its horrible branding problem, by doing things like auto-editing the news-feed so that crappier stories aren't shown, and happier stories ARE shown.

The next step is obviously to place professional content directly on the site, so that advertisers have better content to associate with their brand. Advertisers HATE placing their high-end ads next to shitty complaints from your right-wing uncle. That's a good way to not have advertising.

Comment And in the US (Score -1) 179

we get to launch rockets without having to have a profit requirement for it!

That's why the US gets to launch big expensive, and awesome science projects like Hubble, Cassini, Voyager, Apollo, etc.., while Russia is stuck with shitty Space-X sized rockets that only has commercial appeal.

Russia is going to find out the hard way that commercial rockets are useless compared to government rockets.

Comment Re:Internet is 99.999999999% crap. (Score -1) 164

Your tolerance for crap is too high.

You'll find that, once you start to pay for your content, quality dramatically goes up.

For example, I find that a lot of people consider Wikipedia to be a great source for history and science, but Wikipedia has NOTHING compared to a good history or science book. In fact, much of the articles on Wikipedia are just plain wrong. It really is low-value junk compared to higher-end paid sources.

Anyways, you get what you pay for.

Comment Indeed, BSD is already a popular desktop OS (Score 4, Insightful) 393

It already has about 13.4% US desktop market share already.

I have no idea why Mac OS X isn't called out for being the MOST UNIX operating system out there.

Why bother making a Linux desktop, when you ALREADY have a top-notch Unix desktop environment, with origins in BSD Unix (via NextStep), a proper Unix-shell, and every other command-line tool, with the ability to run real commercial software from Adobe and Autodesk.

Additionally, it seems like Mac OS X has officially won all the developers. I don't recall seeing any developer using anything BUT Mac OS X over the last couple of years.

Unix won the desktop.. it's just called Mac OS X.

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