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Submission + - VMware releases open source Cloud Foundry (

Julie188 writes: "VMware shook the cloud world with an announcement that it was releasing an open source platform-as-a-service called Cloud Foundry. Not surprisingly, the new cloud platform takes direct aim at Microsoft's Azure and Google's Google Apps platforms. Cloud Foundry is made up of several technologies and products that VMware has acquired over the recent past and is released under an Apache 2 license. While VMware isn't the first-and-only player to launch an open source cloud initiative (Red Hat has DeltaCloud, Rackspace and Dell have OpenStack), some believe that with VMware now in the open source cloud business, pressure could be mounting for Microsoft and Google to release versions of their cloud that could be hosted somewhere other than their own data centers."

Submission + - SPAM: Text2Pledge – Engaging Existing Donors with

CrossLinkMedia writes: "Last month I wrote a blog “Text2Give – Is Mobile Fundraising Right for Your NPO?“. Text2Give is a great vehicle for new donor acquisition because it is automatic and only asks for a nominal donation. However, limiting current donors to only $5 or $10 donations doesn’t make sense. So, I wanted to introduce another mobile giving option, Text2Pledge."
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Submission + - Samsung Google Nexus S i9020A Mobile Price & S (

An anonymous reader writes: View The Specifications,Review,Features,News,Images & Price Of Samsung Google Nexus S i9020A (Google Nexus S i9020T) Mobile Phone in Pakistan With Other Samsung Mobiles Prices & specs In Lahore,Islamabad,Karachi,Peshawer,Faisalabad & Other cities of Pakistan

Submission + - Capital One Security Breach

rueger writes: Capital One in Canada has e-mailed all customers telling them that their e-mail information has been compromised via a marketing company that they employ. They say: Epsilon "a marketing vendor that sends e-mails on our behalf—notified us about unauthorized outside access to files that included Capital One® customer e-mail addresses ... We’re working with Epsilon and law enforcement, and we’re thoroughly investigating this incident to help prevent future ones like it. "

Submission + - Long Range Wi-Fi - WiFi Technology (

An anonymous reader writes: Long range Wi-Fi is used to tie completed awfully long distances or someplace terrain makes it tricky to tie with DSL or cable.

Submission + - Apple working on feature-rich HDTV prototypes (

An anonymous reader writes: Citing checks in Asia, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty wrote not too long ago that Apple is currently working on a number of HDTV prototypes. While Huberty, not surprisingly, isn’t able to supply more substantial information, she theorizes that an Apple Smart TV, as she dubbed it, could mesh together “TV/Video content, gaming, DVR, as well as other features like apps and FaceTime into one product.”

Submission + - My Social Security Number, should I give it up? 2

An anonymous reader writes: I've recently gone through hell with my ISP and everytime I call them up they want the last 4 digits of my SSN. WHY? Do they think someone is impersonating me to falsely report that my modem is getting no signal from Comcast?

This drove me mad enough that I called Qwest to set up DSL service, I thought they were charging too much, but I was willing to give it a try just so I could tell Comcast to pound salt. But they wanted my SSN too. I said no and the customer rep said he could try to get it approved without a SSN. After waiting about 10 minutes he came back and said I couldn't get DSL from Qwest without a SSN. This is despite the fact that I offered to pre-pay with a credit card. He said I might be a deadbeat who had skipped out on Qwest in the past.

The point here is that denying your SSN to private enterprises will likely result in you being unable to obtain these services.

If I'm offering cash in hand, or credit which is backed up by Visa/MasterCard or whoever, but refuse to give up my SSN why would you turn down my money?

Submission + - Old Media Says: Google to Destroy Film & Music (

SirWinston writes: A Daily Mail editor has written perhaps the most Luddite attack on Google ever, reading just like a 19th-century manifesto against looms and factories. "Google has become a global predator ruthlessly gobbling up potential rivals such as YouTube and ‘stealing’ the creative work of writers, film makers and the music industry... Google has granted these piracy sites a licence to steal... It undermines investment in the very creative industries that have become such an important part of our national prosperity, and employ hundreds of thousands of people." The article lionizes brick-and-mortar business and traditional media, and reads as a funny anachronism--except that these may be the attitudes of European regulators now shaking down Google and new media.

Submission + - Groklaw declares victory, no more articles (

tomhudson writes: "Pamela Jones announced that as of May 16th, she will no longer be updating groklaw

"I have decided that Groklaw will stop publishing new articles on our anniversary, May 16.

I know a lot of you will be unhappy to hear it, so let me briefly explain, because my decision is made and it's firm. In a simple sentence, the reason is this: the crisis SCO initiated over Linux is over, and Linux won. SCO as we knew it is no more. "

For those who have followed the SCO crach-and-burn-fest, May 16th is Red Dress Day."

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