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Submission + - New IT staff integration?

EQUIN0X writes: "This week I've been assigned the task to re-write the "new IT staff integration guide", which hasn't been touched for at least 5 years now. I started thinking about explaining the goals and best practices of our department and a quick view of the systems we use here, but then I asked myself if there wasn'nt more (or less) than that.

So my question to you big brained slashdoters, how do you integrate new members to your IT staff? Do you have some advices on how to make them comfortable? How do you make sure they have all the tools to start their job while not having them suffocate under 100 tons of procedures and documentation?

Many thanks!"

Submission + - Google to support or oppose DRM on HTML5 video? (mozillazine.org)

Anonymous Coward writes: "Mozilla has committed to not implement DRM in Firefox for WebM HTML5 video even though it is theoretically possible. Microsoft has asked Google and the WebM community several other questions that still have not been answered, but this one seems more important: will Google commit to keeping WebM in Chrome DRM-free? Does our community think that is important for the open web and free software?"

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