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Submission + - Why is Google Blocking Tor? 1

Bobb9000 writes: As I and I'm sure other Tor users have noticed, Google has recently begun blacklisting any query coming from a Tor exit node. There's been some discussion of this, but not very much, and while the Tor FAQ claims this is only a temporary problem, and that Google has taken no positive steps to block Tor, for the past few months I haven't been able to find a single exit node that can use Google. Now, it's possible that recently there's just been a massive amount of automated request activity coming from every Tor exit node, but that seems unlikely. Even if it were true, somehow Yahoo has been able to cope, as it almost always works through Tor. So, why is Google making it harder to be anonymous online? Genuine security concerns, or a dislike for anything that takes away their ability to harvest personal data?

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