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Comment Re:Pope Francis - fuck your mother (Score 1) 894

I can coexist quite well with Catholics who think my being gay is a sin; we can do good works together, have lunch, be friends. I can coexist quite well with Seventh Day Adventists who think alcohol is sinful, too. We can all be friends.

This is what I find rare - it seems most often that anytime someone expresses an opinion that it is sin, they immediately get branded as hateful bigots etc. Tolerance needs to go both ways.

Comment Re:Someone doesn't understand devops. (Score 2) 226

Devops is even more than this, it also means applying common change management that is common in source code development to operational configuration, using tools like chef or puppet. It's scary how much "cowboy configuration" there is out there, and yet in the programming world, "cowboy coding" is frowned upon.

Comment Tandy 1000SX (Score 1) 587

I had a similar one, but now that you mention it, I'm not sure how much it had. I know the video card had a graphics mode that could handle 16 colors in a higher resolution graphics modes, as opposed to most pc's that had only 4 colors and "palettes" at the time. Could they do HIMEM stuff, or am I confusing that with my first 386?

Comment Re:36 million units sold in 2011 (Score 1) 528

Oh, Also, a friend of mine who actually read the proposed agreement, said the union contract was written in such a way that management could essentially rewrite it or walk - it was a horrible contract. It didn't do any favors for the union workers.

I usually don't like unions, but in this case, I think there was cancer all over the system and it just needed to be put down.

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