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Comment I often think dietary "science" is a myth (Score 5, Insightful) 271

... or at least a religion. In no other field can I find so much contradictory information and research. On the one hand you have Dr. Barnard saying fat is of the devil and on the other hand you have Dr. Eades saying it is perfectly fine. We used to fry foods in lard and tallow (saturated fats). Then the dietary scientists said that was going to kill us so we had to switch to non-saturated fats. Then the dietary scientists said that the trans fats that they recommended were worse than the saturated fats.

In the 80s and 90s the fat phobic nutritionists and diet gurus said that any kind of fat more than 10% of your total intake of calories was bad for you and they had "medical studies" to back it up. They said it was fat that made us fat. They came on TV and scared moms and the food industry started removing fat from their products. Now, the fat content of many foods is much less. But guess what? We are fatter than ever. They replaced the fat with sugar and other carbohydrates and said that the science showed that was ok because it is not carbohydrates that make us fat, but it is fat. Again, we are fatter than ever. Who is thinner than Americans? Well, practically everyone except Mexicans and Samoans. Who is thinner? Well, the French are. What do they eat? A lot more fat in their diets than us. Asians are thinner too and they supposedly eat a lot of rice which is a lot of carbs.

Hi fat is killing us--we have studies proving...

No it's high carbs that are killing us--we have studies proving...
No it's ...

Stop drinking that sugary soda, it's bad for your health. Drink a diet soda instead...oh, it will give you alzheimers...

Stop drinking coffee, the caffeine is bad for you--we have studies. Instead, drink coffee for your health because it contains lots of flavonoids--we have studies.

If you're a guy...maybe we should figure out the diets of guys like Mick Jagger and Anthony Quinn who fathered kids past the age of 70. For Jagger, maybe it's all the cocaine and other drugs... got to say that it's depressing being 52 and the plumbing not working like it used to.

Comment Doesn't concern me... (Score 1) 56

...since I usually use less than a GB a month. I have WiFi turned on and I don't watch movies on my damn phone. I have a TV for that. I have the 10 GB plan. My teenage daughter uses about 4 GB a month. If it ever gets close to going over, I try to turn off her data until the end of the month or have her pay for overages. Haven't run over yet.

It will effect my friend who pays out the nose because he has a 30 year old daughter with a college degree on the plan. Our company got bought out and now we get a 22 % discount on standard price of service, but he won't switch because of his daughter. I think, fuck if she is 30 years old, then she needs her own damn plan. You pay over $250 a month when you could pay $160 so that your 30 year old daughter can have unlimited data? And, you complain about money sometimes? I know where you can save a boatload of money. Cut the cord...

Comment Watching this whole thread (Score 2) 249

... left me thinking... Who says atheistic programmers and IT professionals are not religious? It's even driven some to pray...

Gates a marketing genius? I don't think so. He got lucky that he got that initial contract with IBM. He was even more lucky that IBM did not buy him out when he offered to sell. Jobs seems to be a much better marketing genius...if you ask me.

I think what made Windows last was applications and the attention Microsoft made to keep their software compatible with previous versions. The Windows team bent over backwards to work around problems that popular 3rd party applications had by misusing APIs.

Comment It's not a discussion... (Score 2) 582

It's a statement. It's a statement by a dogmatist on one side, and there will be statements by dogmatists on the other side. Two dogmatists don't have discussions--they just try to shout one another down.

Yeah, if you get enough eyeballs on a problem, sure it might be easier to solve. But users != eyeballs. I suppose being open source, it is easier to get eyeballs on something, but it is also easier for the black hats to get eyeballs on something as well and exploit it.

In the end, neither side in the dogmatic divide is likely to listen let alone switch sides.

Comment "Firemen less sure" (Score 1) 253

Down in Texas, they put a man to death (Cameron Todd Willingham) because they were sure he committed arson and killed his kids. Forensic scientists later showed the fire marshal to be wrong using....science. I'd rather trust scientists to tell me what happened than some firefighter that just lasted on the job long enough to be the investigator or kissed enough butt.

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