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Comment Re:No one should have expected (Score 1) 1364

Apparently you missed the "prop 8" debacle in California. Sunshine laws were used to create maps to the HOMES of people who donated to support prop 8.

That's not intimidation?

The article you linked clearly states the maps give the approximate location of the contributor. This information can be used for intimidation, but, speaking as a gay male, it can also be used to withhold my business from the hair stylist up the street that donated, or avoid classes with the teacher, or pick a different carpet cleaner, business analyst, etc.

I will certainly be checking this mashup before I spend my money with someone that will turn around and spend it to restrict my rights.

The extreme actions of small fringe groups should not completely overshadow the benefits to the rest of us.


Submission + - Mono outpaces Java in Linux desktop development (

dp619 writes: Mono, a framework based on Microsoft technology, has become more popular for Linux desktop applications than Java, but recent changes could strengthen Java's hand, SD Times is reporting. The story also touches on the failure of Linux distros to keep pace with Eclipse.

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