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Submission + - Playdough for fun and profit (

morgan_greywolf writes: "You’re never too young (or too old) to start learning the joys of electronics. You don’t need to know how to solder, or even how to plug circuit components into a breadboard. As long as you’re past the “I’m going to stick this up my nose” phase, this homemade playdough circuit project is a great way to introduce kiddos and adults alike to basic circuits and electricity."

Submission + - Think your Linux firewall is safe? Think again. (

morgan_greywolf writes: What if there were a way to attack your machine by entirely bypassing the operating system? According to two French security researchers at CanSecWest, a seldom-used remote administration mode on some Broadcom NetXtreme cards can be used to take full control of the victim’s network," and so long as the machine doesn't have or isn't using hardware virtualization, "the attacker can gain access to the victim’s computer memory and take full control of the machine," effecting bypassing the OS altogether.

Another researcher, Arrigo Triluzi, has dubbed a separate attack the Jedi Packet Trick. which involves a little-known factory diagnostic feature in some undisclosed network cards. Apparently, Triluzi has been able to install new firmware into these NICs, again entirely bypassing the operating system. According to Triluzi, once installed, the NIC can talk to other cards installed in the system, like oh, say, the video card, and use it to run malicious code, all without the operating system's knowledge.

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