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Comment Re:The Market Is a Lie (Score 2) 378

Market cap is not an indication of size at all. It's an indication of, well, present market value.

For size, there are few things you can look at it: there is size based on net worth, total number of employees, total sales in dollars, total unit sales, etc. Most of these are only useful when comparing to companies within the same industry, however. In fact, most useful statistics are really only useful when comparing companies within the same industry. That's why so many people focus on market capitalization, because that is comparable across industries.

Biggest market cap, though, as you point out, doesn't mean that much. A more useful statistic for investors is the earning per share (EPS), which gives you an idea of the economic viability of a company .


Submission + - Playdough for fun and profit (

morgan_greywolf writes: "You’re never too young (or too old) to start learning the joys of electronics. You don’t need to know how to solder, or even how to plug circuit components into a breadboard. As long as you’re past the “I’m going to stick this up my nose” phase, this homemade playdough circuit project is a great way to introduce kiddos and adults alike to basic circuits and electricity."

Comment Re:So they wont get sued by asshats (Score 2) 213

Correct. I have a Dropbox account, and that's exactly what it is, although it also has utility as a file-sharing service as well. You can create and designate folders as "shared with other users" and "shared with guest users (for people without an account)". Folders so designated will allow anyone to download files in those folders.

So when I post on Slashdot, my intent is clear -- I'm making what I type available to the public at large. But this is also true for files that I put in my folders that are shared with guest users.

OTOH, this license grant doesn't seem to make such a distinction. Perhaps it should.

Comment Re:Not even close (Score 3, Informative) 293

After going through all of the components including the case, the only thing they could identify that was original components that was actually designed by IBM engineers was the sticker label that went on the outside of the case which said "IBM".

100% true, of course. The optional hard disks were made by Seagate (hence the legacy of the ST01 controller), the floppy drives were made by Toshiba or Chinon or somebody like that. The processor came from Intel. The optional printer was made by Epson. The motherboard was basically a reference design from Intel.

The BIOS was original, but the operating system, of course, was a 16-bit CP/M hack from a guy named Tim Patterson of Seattle Computer Products, who sold it to a tiny little company from Bellvue, Washington, for a few thousand bucks. Tim would go on to become a billionaire, of course, along with the founders of that tiny little computer company.

If I could go back in time, I would convince Tim Patterson that writing operating systems isn't a very good idea and he should do something else with his time.

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