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The Internet

Submission + - Low Cost DIY Cell Network Runs on Solar (

Shareable writes: "Berkeley professor develops low cost, low power cell base station featuring easy, off-the grid deployment with solar or wind power; local services autonomous from national carriers; and an impressive portfolio of voice & data services (not just GSM). It's designed to connect rural areas in the developing world, but could have wider application like disaster recovery."

Submission + - Women Own the Majority of Ereaders [STATS] ( 1

Mightee writes: "Women are particularly taking to ereaders, according to data from Nielsen. Sixty-one percent of ereaders are now owned by women, compared to 46% in the third quarter of 2010. This largely why many women’s magazines are reporting better sales on the Nook than the iPad."

Submission + - New Type Ia supernova discovered (

Sallust writes: A new supernova has been observed in M101 — a spiral galaxy about 25 million light years away. The supernova was spotted when it was less than a day old by Mount Palomar Observatory in California. This is possibly the most interesting supernova since SN1987 and might become visible with binoculars over the next few days.

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