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Comment Re:Hold the phones! (Score 1) 141

And besides, everyone who currently benefits from imaginary property laws now, will benefit even more when those laws are repealed. And I can economically PROVE it! Epistemology 101.

It's all mathematical ball bearings these days. Maybe you all need a refresher course? :P Simple addition versus simple multiplication. Yeah, as long as there is more than person involved in the equations. ^_^

Comment Re:The future is bio-hydrocarbons... (Score 1) 186

Oh, shit! I got all excited about a comment to a post I made, but it was just me, thinking, about how dumb ass shit can go completely unchallenged. Oh well. (/exhale). Hehe. Environmentalists. Climatologists. Dumb-Ass-isists. /Sniffle. Maybe I shouldn't stray off on crusades of knowledge so often, on Penalty of Cruelty! :P

Comment Re:The future is bio-hydrocarbons... (Score 1) 186

to think that global warming isn't impacted by man is to be just stupid at this point.

Fuck the Sun! Atheism Rules!

No, these two factor don't 'balance' each other out, warming is stronger then the cooling effect caused by dimming.

Pardonez-moi. STFU, dumbass.

In any case, the most simple risk assessment shows we should be spending money on this.

That's what I always say when I hold up a Bank; Thank You, for spending YOUR money wisely!

to think that global warming isn't impacted by man is to be just stupid at this point.

There is no ... SUN! Unless you buy some carbon offset raisin brand granola crunch on your spoon right now fool! Stop, politically manipulating, the sun, the temperature, and the climate, if you please, dumb ass.

to think that global warming isn't impacted by man is to be just stupid at this point.

Stop. Breathing. Thank you for doing your part to help save the environment! I'm sorry, but I'm just not convinced that you care enough.

Comment Re:The future is bio-hydrocarbons... (Score 1) 186

Hydro = Water, n'est-ce-pas? Selling (salt) water for $2,000 an ounce!

Sorry, Genda (560240), Environmentalist Cardinal, has cornered the market!

Both create tremendous new economic opportunities, and if supported by the government

Almost, but not quite, French accenty enough.

One Question. Does your breathing add carbon to the atmosphere?


Submission + - Two Thumbs Down in Hollywood Trademark Dispute (

monxrtr writes: ""Two Thumbs Down"! Even though "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down" is as old as the Romans voicing public approval or disapproval, it seems film review critiques Siskel and Ebert trademarked the symbols. Now that Ebert is in a dispute with Disney, last weeks episode featuring the influential "thumbs up, thumbs" down review, which Hollywood marketing relies on to advertise new release movies and DVDs, was notoriously missing from the lineup of films reviewed, reports the Chicago Sun Times. So it appears the "thumbs up, thumbs down" review method is a monopoly protected intellectual property; Disney has not been able to reach a relicense agreement with Roger Ebert and the estate of the deceased Gene Siskel, owners of the trademark, for their movie review show "At the Movies with Ebert & Roeper.""

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