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Submission + - Is Peter Schiff Wrong? (coinaxis.com)

modernlegends writes: Is Peter Schiff wrong about bitcoin? In a recent interview Schiff took on the bitcoin craze, and it sparked some response

Submission + - Why bitcoin is imperative to people in the global economy. (coinaxis.com)

modernlegends writes: Curious about all the debt ceiling talk? Want to understand a little more about what is going on, and what are some of your possible alternatives. Bitcoin is a interesting alternative, as it relates to the US & global monetary systems. This article describes their relation to debt, in easy to understand terms.

Submission + - SPAM: Bitcoin - An Emerging Global Payment System - CoinAxis

modernlegends writes: Getting started with bitcoin is very straight forward. Remember, this is not a credit card. Bitcoin is money, and a payment processor rolled into one. The easiest way to get started with bitcoin, is to setup an account with one of the online wallet companies. Here you can purchase your first bitcoins, then if you feel comfortable you can use some of the more advanced features.
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