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Comment Not going to help (Score 1) 87

"Ninety-five percent of all fire alarms are false, but fire departments have no choice to go, and you may have 15 (firefighters) responding."

But this isn't going to help with that. You can't wait until you've flown a drone over a fire before you send the truck. Think about how much more property damage there would be, not to mention how many people would die, with the added delay in the case of real fires.

Comment Pricing (Score 3, Informative) 64


The planes will be divided into three sections. For a price of under €2,000 (US$2,700), you'll get to share the Party Room with up to 39 other "cheapskates" (for comparison, flights with one of S3's established competitors start at $4,950). If you're willing to pay €5,000 ($6,800), however, you can be one of 28 people in the Premium Zone – this will include the chance to play with items such as liquids and balloons, plus it will get you an exclusive Breitling S3 ZeroG wristwatch and an S3 flight suit to take home.

Finally, a dozen passengers can enjoy a "tailor-made experience" in the VIP Room, which will cost an even €50,000 ($68,000) to book – all of those people will also get a watch and a flight suit.

Comment Not exactly (Score 1) 333

Rather, they will merge. Once a color e-ink screen with an adequate refresh rate comes out, all previous tablets and e-readers will become horribly obsolete compared to the new, combined version. Until then, e-readers will continue to fill a niche market. They might not be as popular as they once were, but they aren't going to go away.

Comment From someone who actually read the article (Score 1) 295

This is just a case of people not wanting to admit that they messed up. They don't suddenly start giving the opposite answers they did before, they just justify the answers they thought they gave by mistake, so that they don't look like idiots. It's more a demonstration about people being stubborn than anything else.

Comment Re:Single Sign on aka FB (Score 1) 446

I get-around the "single login" deficit by using the same name/pass across all websites where I don't care if they get hacked (like posting replies on newspapers). I use a 2nd password for personal websites like email. And a 3rd strong password just for the two banking/stock websites. Nothing gets written down so I don't have to worry about somebody finding my "scrawled passwords" laying in plain sight.

I've been advocating this approach for years. I call it "Password Tiers."

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