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Comment Re:I did all that while YOU were in diapers boy (Score 1) 521

And yet google brings all the worst right to the top when I search for your name. Why is that?

Listen, Alex - everyone here is aware of your abuses. I suppose in your mind that represents a reason to never admit to them - or perhaps your upbringing has left you so damaged that you can't even understand what's happening here. Either way, you need help. Serious help. It's not your fault - but as an adult, sooner or later you will have to take responsibility for your mistakes. You can't continue blaming your parents, or your childhood. I know your upbringing was traumatic, but you have an opportunity here to do something about it. Please talk to a doctor, a psychologist, a therapist, someone. Your life is a hell, but there is a way out. Your quoting of the Christian Bible implies that you have access to a priest somewhere - if you won't seek out a mental health professional, please see a priest. Someone. Anyone. Please.


Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 149

I think it is about time to retire the "Al Gore invented the Internet" jokes. Al Gore never made that claim; the RNC created that sound bite and released it to the media. Al Gore facilitated the internet by sponsoring the legislation that funded the infrastructure of the internet, and credit for that is the statement made by Gore that the RNC distorted into the famous "invented" quote. Gore deserves credit for having the vision to appreciate the importance of the internet, when other legislators did not. Even the 'the father of the Internet', Vint Cerf, gives Gore that credit.

Comment Re:So only XP is out of luck? (Score 1) 442

That is exactly what the company I work for does. For that matter, that is what the last 2 companies I worked for did. The current is a very large business, the previous a small company. Maybe some smaller companies on XP will bump to Win 7, but the "lumbering behemoths" are still at least a year or two out and you know for sure there will be many a boxen replaced in that time. This could also end up lighting a fire under the big shops to make the plunge to Win 7.

Comment Re:Typical Noble Savage Fallacy (Score 1) 870

It's an ideal -- peaceful people living in harmony with nature -- that doesn't hold up to close scrutiny.

Assuming nature on other planets is the same as nature on earth. If the entire planet is alive, then different rules would apply. No where in the movie did it say "destroying trees is bad". It said "assuming something on an alien planet that looks like a tree can be treated like a tree" is bad. If the premise of the movie is that there really is an intelligent, inverventionist planetary intelligence, you should respect that. While it is a somewhat green message, they eliminated all metaphors by making it movie-true.

For instance, what do they do if one of their buddies is born with a genetic disease like Polycystic Kidney Disease or needs some other benefit of modern medicine.

It only "needs" medicine to prevent death. If you don't particularly care about death, or view it as acceptable, then you don't "need" the medicine.

Also, in the real world packs of wolves and bears don't just leave you alone.

True. They didn't leave them alone in the movie either. They just were easily avoided.

Comment Re:iPhone vs everything else (Score 1) 420

Also, anybody who knows how cell phones work knows better than to expect uninterrupted calls while driving. You're playing tarzan between towers. There isn't always a long vine in reach. Unless you're doing 120.

Unless, y'know, you are on CDMA2000. Voice or EV-DO, I've played tower Tarzan in the middle of nowhere without seeing interruptions.

Comment Re:It should be noted (Score 1) 870

Also it should be noted that a statement such as "no greenery left on Earth" is an exaggeration at best, considering life would die on the planet without the Oxygen Cycle.

Actually "It is estimated that between 70% and 80% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by marine plants." meaning Algae (I also heard this statistic on a Discovery channel show.) The article continues:

Plants on land and in the ocean are extremely important to us and we wouldn't be here without them. Land plants provide us (and other critters) with food, raw materials like wood, and fiber to make cloth and paper. They protect the land from erosion with their roots, provide beauty and shade on a hot day, and produce oxygen as an extra added bonus although we could probably survive with the oxygen.

Comment Re:How do you think it works in the EU ? (Score 1) 507

Yes, and there are several counties that have come into existence since the last update. 10 years is bit too infrequent for a business.

The 2002 TIGER/Line files include files for all counties and statistically equivalent entities in the United States as well as files for Puerto Rico and the Island Areas. The 2002 TIGER/Line files are released by county or statistically equivalent entity based on the current boundaries in effect as of January 1, 2002 as reported to the Census Bureau by April 1, 2002. Since Census 2000 there have been changes in the universe of counties or statistically equivalent entities. In Colorado, Broomfield County was created from parts of Adams, Boulder, Jefferson, and Weld Counties. This change has resulted in the creation of a separate TIGER/Line file for Broomfield County, Colorado. In Virginia, the independent city of Clifton Forge changed its status to become Clifton Forge town and is now part of Alleghany County, Virginia; it appears in the Alleghany County, Virginia TIGER/Line file. Beginning with the 2002 TIGER/Line files, the Census Bureau no longer will produce a TIGER/Line file for the Midway Islands.

Comment Re:other countries too (Score 1) 230

You do understand that US as a nation haven't been going for long in historical scale? Most of what US has been based on now we're developed in europe before england shipped there (and robbed the land from native americans).

It was the Europeans who started robbing the land hundreds of years before the US came into existence. And please let us know what enlightened country you've come from.

So if you're gonna come up with the "US developed it and it shouldn't be used elsewhere", atleast think about where US tech has come from.

Most of it has come from the US, actually. But let's be honest here, nobody is trying to prevent internet technology from falling into other country's hands. You're not understanding the difference between the technology used to build an infrastructure, and the infrastructure itself.

Comment OT - your sig (Score 1) 479

If money doesn't buy happiness why do we care so much?

Money won't buy happiness, but lack of it will certainly buy misery.

From a mcgrew journal:

Born in a well off family, he has an MBA and with the help of his intelligence and his family's influence, made a fortune in real estate. Alan was a multimillionaire with a huge house and a greedy wife.

He finally realized that no amount of money can buy happiness and stopped chasing it. He divorced his wife and dropped out, and stopped racing rats. He's no longer rich; in fact, he's decidedly poverty stricken. All he owns of value is a bank account with a few thousand bucks in it, and a run down, squalid one bedroom house that probably isn't worth much more than his bank account. He's supposed to be doing construction, but says "I don't do much work. I spend most of the day riding around with my boss in his truck."

Teaching his boss how to make money. His boss is now Chatham's largest home builder. His competetitors can't get loans and are having a hard time selling houses.

I asked him if dropping out was worth it. "So, you're happy?"

"No," he admitted. "But I'm a hell of a lot less miserable than I was when I had all that money. You wouldn't believe the headaches that money gave me."

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